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Whether or not poker is legal in the United States isn’t a question that has one single answer. It has 50. At least 50. BLUFF has developed a comprehensive section on the legality of poker in the USA, both online and live, complete with a state-by-state breakdown to provide the most information possible. So whether you’re living in Kansas or Utah, Nevada or Missouri, or any of the other 46 states BLUFF has it covered.

As the legality of poker, particularly online poker, continues to change keep an eye on this section for the latest updates. A log of the latest updates can be seen below the convenience map.

United States Legal Poker by State

Washington Legal Poker Oregon Legal Poker Idaho Legal Poker Montana Legal Poker Wyoming Legal Poker North Dakota Legal Poker South Dakota Legal Poker Minnesota Legal Poker Wisconsin Legal Poker Michigan Legal Poker Michigan Legal Poker California Legal Poker Nevada Legal Poker Utah Legal Poker Arizona Legal Poker Colorado Legal Poker New Mexico Legal Poker Texas Legal Poker Oklahoma Legal Poker Kansas Legal Poker Nebraska Legal Poker Iowa Legal Poker Missouri Legal Poker Illinois Legal Poker Arkansas Legal Poker Louisiana Legal Poker Mississippi Legal Poker Tennessee Legal Poker Alabama Legal Poker Georgia Legal Poker South Carolina Legal Poker Florida Legal Poker Kentucky Legal Poker Indiana Legal Poker Ohio Legal Poker West Virginia Legal Poker Virginia Legal Poker North Carolina Legal Poker Maryland Legal Poker Delaware Legal Poker New Jersey Legal Poker Connecticut Legal Poker Rhode Island Legal Poker Pennsylvania Legal Poker New York Legal Poker Vermont Legal Poker Massachusetts Legal Poker New Hampshire Legal Poker Maine Legal Poker Hawaii Legal Poker Alaska Legal Poker

Last update: March 20, 2015

Latest News Articles Covering THE FIGHT for Online Poker
March 19, 2015: Regulated Online Gambling Keeps Money in the Local Economy
March 12, 2015: Pechanga Coalition Continues to Oppose Racetracks and PokerStars
March 11, 2015: Connecticut Exploring Expanded Gaming; Is Online a Possibility?
March 6, 2015: The Truth Behind Legalized Online Gambling and Job Growth
March 4, 2015: Winter Storm Forces Postponement of RAWA Hearing
February 26, 2015: New Online Poker Bill Introduced in Pennsylvania
February 24, 2015: Interstate Online Poker Coming According to Nevada Governor
February 20, 2015: New Online Poker Bills Coming to the California Senate and Assembly
February 19, 2015: Resorts Online Casino to Launch in February; No Impact on PokerStars Partnership
February 15, 2015: California Card Rooms Push Back Against Charges of Insufficient Regulations
February 12, 2015: The Return of RAWA Has Been Met With Fierce Opposition
February 4, 2015: Adelson Backed Online Gambling Ban Reintroduced in Congress
February 3, 2015: Online Tournament Added to 2015 WSOP Schedule
January 29, 2015: Adelson Meets Privately with House Republicans Regarding Online Gambling Ban
January 23, 2015: Bad Actor Clause Absent from New California Online Poker Bill
January 21, 2015: CA Online Poker Bill Update: In-Person Requirements Dropped, Bad Actor Clause Remains
January 15, 2015: New York Will Test the Online Gambling Waters in 2015
January 13, 2015: Mississippi Becomes Third State to Introduce iGaming Legislation in 2015
January 7, 2015: Casino Expansion Still on the Table in New Hampshire
January 5, 2015: The State of US Online Gambling: States Considering Expansion
December 30, 2014: State of US Online Gaming in 2015: Where It’s Legal
December 18, 2014: Kentucky State Senator Wants to Ban Online Gambling
December 12, 2014: Amaya Gaming Part of AMF Stock Trading Probe
December 11, 2014: RAWA Absent from Spending Bill; Could be Reintroduced in 2015
December 9, 2014: California AG Puts a Stop to Tribe’s Online Poker Gambit
December 5, 2014: PokerStars and CA Partners Respond to New iPoker Bill
August 12, 2014: No Takers for Revel Casino; Could Close by September 10
August 7, 2014: California’s Online Poker Bill Is Dead; What’s Next?
August 5, 2014: Massachusetts Casino Repeal Effort Will Be a Tough Fight
August 1, 2014: RAWA Legislators Appeal to AG Holder to Ban Online Gambling
July 30, 2014: Amaya Receives Regulatory Approval for PokerStars Purchase
July 25, 2014: Is the Revel Casino in Atlantic City too Big to Fail
July 22, 2014: Bad Actor Clause Debate Rages On as Law Experts Weigh In
July 18, 2014: 25 California Card Rooms Openly Support Online Poker Bill
July 15, 2014: California Tribe Serves Up False Hope for Online Poker
July 11, 2014: Atlantic Article Destroys “Online Gambling Is Addictive” Argument
July 10, 2014: 888 Network Approved in Nevada; Interstate on the way?
July 7, 2014: Delaware and Nevada Interstate Agreement Expected Soon
July 4, 2014: 3 Reasons Online Gambling Expansion Has Stalled in 2014
June 26, 2014: NJ DGE Already Reviewing PokerStars License Application 
June 24, 2014: MA Supreme Court OK’s Casino Repeal Referendum 
June 19, 2014: Massachusetts Senate Rejects iGaming Budgetary Amendment 
June 17, 2014: California Bad Actor Clause Could Face Legal Challenges 
June 13, 2014: Reactions to Amaya PokerStars Deal Run the Gamut 
June 13, 2014: Amaya Gaming Acquires PokerStars and Assets for $4.9 Billion 
June 12, 2014: Amaya’s Stock Rises as PokerStars Sale Rumors Heat Up 
June 9, 2014: Adelson-Backed RAWA Online Gambling Bills Stall in Congress 
June 5, 2014: PokerStars and California Partners Respond to New Online Poker Bill 
June 4, 2014: Key California Tribes Reach Agreement on Online Poker Bill 
June 2, 2014: Pennsylvania Senator Expected to Introduce Online Poker Bill 
May 29, 2014: Newly Proposed Federal Bill Contains Online Poker Carveout 
May 28, 2014: MA State Treasurer Remains Optimistic on Online Gambling 
May 24, 2014: PokerStars Steals the Show at California iGaming Conference 
May 21, 2014:AGA Withdraws from Online Gambling Fight Amid Infighting 
Aug 9, 2013: DiCristina, California and Reid Spell a Bad Week for Poker
Aug 2, 2013: Hope Springs Eternal – Even When It Shouldn’t
Jul 26, 2013: Titus Toes the Nevada Line
Jul 19, 2013: Hot Air Emanates from Capitol Hill
Jul 16, 2013: Barton Hasn’t Spoken to Reid About Internet Poker Legalization
Jul 12, 2013: Barton Bill is a False Hope
Jul 11, 2013: “Internet Poker Freedom Act” Introduced in U.S. Congress
Jul 6, 2013: NJ, DE Move the Ball Forward
Jun 28, 2013: Dream a Little Dream
Jun 21, 2013: Adelson Trolls the Online Gaming Community
Jun 14, 2013: Pennsylvania Moves to a Back Burner
Jun 7, 2013: Are the Feds Really Back in the Game?
May 31, 2013: Taking Stock as the WSOP Begins
May 24, 2013:  Massachusetts Flirts with Online Gaming – Again
May 17, 2013:  Tribal Proposal May Break Gridlock in California
May 10, 2013:  California Tribes Coming Around
May 3, 2013:  Will California or the Feds Kickstart U.S. Online Poker?
Apr 27, 2013:  The Devil is in the Details
Apr 23, 2013:  Online Gaming Bill Introduced in Pennsylvania
Apr 19, 2013:  Pennsylvania and Massachusetts Get in the Ring
Apr 17, 2013:  New Jersey Clock Starts Ticking for Rational Group
Apr 12, 2013:  Nevada Makes Halting Progress as Black Friday Case Ends
Apr 5, 2013:  Problems, Problems Everywhere
Mar 29, 2013:  Choppy Waters in Illinois and Pennsylvania
Mar 22, 2013:  Licensing continues in Nevada and Delaware
Mar 15, 2013:  Setback in Iowa but Hope in Illinois
Mar 8, 2013:  Caesars Aims for the Stars
Mar 1, 2013:  New Jersey Makes It Official
Feb 26, 2013:  New Jersey Enacts Internet Gaming Law
Feb 23, 2013:  California Takes Different Tack for Online Poker Regulation
Feb 22, 2013:  Nevada Lines Up for Interstate Poker
Feb 15, 2013:  Ground Shifts Back to Bad Actors
Feb 8, 2013:  A Big Win for Online Poker in New Jersey
Feb 7, 2013:  Christie Gives Conditional Nod of Approval to New Jersey Internet Gaming
Feb 1, 2013:  Christie Closer to the Edge as Reid Backs Away
Jan 25, 2013:  Christie Concerns, Mississippi Measure, Nevada’s Newbies
Jan 23, 2013:  Christie Has Doubts About New Jersey Online Gaming Bill
Jan 18, 2013:  Rational Group’s $50 Million Question
Jan 11, 2013:  Signs of Life to Start 2013
Jan 8, 2013:  Nevada Positioning Itself for Multi-State Online Poker Compacts
Dec 20, 2012:  New Jersey Senate OKs Online Gaming; Bill Now Goes to Christie
Dec 17, 2012:  New Jersey One Step Closer to Legalizing Online Poker


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