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The Secret Of The Tilt

Tilt Boys | December 15, 2005

Our home games end when people leave, and when people leave depends on how much tilt is involved in the game. Tilt can get so bad that sometimes people just stand up and walk out of the game. The best example of extreme tilt that I can remember is a home game at Tiltboy Bruce’s [...]

The Importance Of Being Angled

Tilt Boys | November 15, 2005

Tales from the Tiltboys: Starring: Bruce Hayek, a.k.a. Tiltboy SpaceCadet Friends and family tend to look on in dismay as the Tiltboys spend entire poker games and social events (Thanksgiving, weddings, christenings) trying to ‘angle’ one another. Sometimes it’s for a trivial bet; sometimes it’s for some serious tilt. The thing is, our long-suffering loved [...]

The Trip Of A Lifetime

Tilt Boys | October 15, 2005

Rafe and Phil spent an entire year in an RV traveling the U.S. and all they brought back was … Tales from the Tiltboys: Today’s adventure: The Ultimate Sports Adventure starring: Rafe Furst and Phil Gordon A few years ago – I think it was in 2001 – Phil Gordon and I were traveling the [...]

Six Sigmas Out: The Testimony Of Diceboy, The World’s Luckiest Man

Tilt Boys | September 15, 2005

Whether it’s an uncanny ability to find a parking spot, or to be saved from stampeding wildebeest by Masai warriors, or simply rampaging through the Tiltboy’s home games, Dave Lambert, a.k.a Diceboy, has always led a charmed life. This has led the other Tiltboys to conclude that he was born ‘six sigmas out’ from the [...]