August 2013


Hostess, Poker Player, Model, Chef. What else does Tatjana Pasalic have in store for us? Remember back to your first memory of Tatjana Pasalic. Maybe it was a video interview, or an article written for any of a dozen publications. Perhaps it was the 2012 WSOP Main Event broadcast where she wore a skintight catsuit [...]

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Becoming a Man

Poker prodigy Mike “Timex” McDonald is pushing the limits Here is a boy who became a man through the long, mathematical grind of poker, the day in and day out dedication that pushes elite players to the top. Here is a man who more than likely has already deciphered all the variables of that poker [...]

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No gold records, no gold bracelets

From Post Hardcore to Post Flop, Steve Albini is just playing to play Steve Albini has worn many hats over the years; from being called “The Godfather of Grunge” as one of the most sought-after engineers in rock music, guitarist for the highly influential post-hardcore band Shellac and now — poker player. But Albini’s 12th-place [...]

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