Poker Tells

Poker Tells … Silence & Stillness

October 2014

Behavioral obstacles to an opponent’s impending call or fold One important category of poker tells are those exhibited when a player believes his opponent is getting ready to call or fold to his bet. Bettors in these situations have an incentive to present an “obstacle” to their opponent’s action. These behaviors will typically only be [...]

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Poker Tells … Immediate Bets and What They Can Mean

July 2014

Bet-timing tells are patterns that players have with regards to how quickly they make a decision, whether checking, calling, betting or raising. Immediate bets are one bet-timing behavior that can be very meaningful. Before we talk about immediate bets, though, a few caveats: For most player behavior to be meaningful, it has to be associated [...]

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Let’s talk WSOP

May 2014

I’ve spent the last year working on a new book called “Verbal Poker Tells.” It’s focused on during-hand verbal behavior — finding patterns in what poker players say and how they say it. Because it’s WSOP season, I thought it’d be fun to showcase some interesting verbal behavior and conversations from past WSOP events. All [...]

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Poker Tells … They’re broadcasting

April 2014

Your opponents are telling you everything The following is a preview of a chapter from the soon-to-be-published book “Verbal Poker Tells,” by Zachary Elwood. Pre-orders are available on the author’s website. Immediate Verbal Responses One sign of relaxed speech is that it flows freely, without hesitation. Anxious people are more likely to think before speaking; [...]

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Poker Tells With Dani ‘The Real Ansky’ Stern

March 2014

The sky’s the limit with this guy Dani “The Real Ansky” Stern has been playing poker professionally for nine years. You may know him from his appearance on the TV shows “2 Months, $2 Million” and “PokerStars’ The Big Game.” These days he primarily plays mid- to high-stakes PLO online, with a few trips to [...]

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Poker Tells … Limon on Poker Tells, PLO, and Pickles

February 2014

Abe gives some insight on tells in L.A. Abe “Limon” has been playing at mid/high stakes (around $10-20 NLHE and PLO) in Los Angeles for more than a decade. Limon is probably most known in the poker world for his long, outspoken, and popular TwoPlusTwo thread where he gave thoughts and advice on playing for [...]

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The Snap Call

January 2014

Immediate Calls and What They Can Mean In poker, the time it takes a player to take an action (check, call, bet, or raise) can sometimes give you information about their hand strength. These are known as bet-timing tells. One of the most meaningful bet-timing tells is the immediate call, also called the snap call. [...]

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