What a Ride

Sponsorships, Love and Poker

Just a couple of days ago, the news came out that I had signed with UltimatePoker. This is a new online poker site which will be fully regulated by the Nevada gaming commission. This is wonderful news for the poker industry. Finally … no more what ifs. You never have to worry about not getting paid. The gaming commission is no joke. And they take every precaution to make sure there is no funny business going on. I am incredibly happy about signing with UltimatePoker because I am so sure of the site’s integrity.  Not to mention I really like the team behind the company and am humbled to be the brand ambassador.

Antonio EsfandiariRight now, I am in Melbourne for the WSOP Asia and in the midst of trying to bink another bracelet, someone sent me a picture of my mug in Times Square. ((Bluff guys PLEASE include the picture of me in times square !!! )) It may sound like I am self-embellishing but I assure you that is not the case. I’m really happy. I’m thinking about my life and my career and just this last year of my life. What a turn of events. From One Drop to UltimatePoker to Times Square.

And here I sit receiving endless congratulation messages meanwhile thinking all of this is really fantastic but what makes me really happy? Success does add to my happiness but nothing can make me as happy as the moments I spend with my dad, my brother, my mom and my loved ones. As I have said before, what is the point of success if you have no one to share it with? Watching my dad run around the poker room and talk to everyone and just being so full of life and energy makes me melt. Most people reading this have probably never came across my father. But some of you have and for those of you who have, you know what I am talking about. My father Bejan is SO full of life. At the age of 70, he is such a rockstar and such an inspiration to myself and all of my friends. Everyone tells me “I wish I had a dad like you.” For sure my brother Pasha and I are the two luckiest sons on the planet.

Hard work pays off. This last year was the hardest I have ever worked. The most focused I have ever been. The least I have ever partied. The healthiest I have ever eaten. The most time I have ever spent with my family. Someone else has entered my life who I have grown to love on such a deep level words would not do it justice. Having that love and comfort has helped me focus so much. I am so thankful. Love truly is the single greatest sensation that exists. The old saying that money does not buy happiness is SO true. If you took away the love in my life, I would be miserable. I would rather be the happiest in love broke person ALL day vs. a depressed  rich person. It is so true that so many wealthy people are so miserable. And through my experiences, I realize the main reason is because relationships based on money can never be as deep and pure as those based on everything else.

It’s rare that someone with wealth becomes friends with someone without wealth. The wealthy person usually enjoys doing things that costs more money and therefore it’s difficult for them to make new relationships with nonwealthy people. You don’t want to hang out with someone when you are paying for them all the time. And so most of the new relationships are created with people that can afford to do the same things. And it’s sad to say but in MOST cases, not all … wealthy people feel entitled. I am so grateful to still have my friends from childhood. Nothing can ever replace those relationships. Nothing.

I am in the best place I have ever been in my life. Life really is what you make of it. You have to dream big and go after it. Can you imagine being 80 on your deathbed having regrets? Thinking back to your youth wishing you had done things differently? Well here is your chance. The next time you want to take a risk think about your deathbed. If you don’t take the chance and were asked the question on your deathbed, would you go back in time and take that chance ? If the answer is yes, then what are you waiting for? GO AFTER it. But it won’t be easy … nothing in life is easy. You want it? You have to earn it. Put in the time. Don’t lose sight of what’s important and don’t forget what’s at the end of the road. You only have one chance at this life so play big or go home.

Burning man is 144 days away. You want to take a chance well here is the opportunity! Get yourself a ticket and find a way to come. It’s the most incredible experience you will ever have. A society for eight days where everyone is equal. Your money is no good. And everyone is there out of love. Trust me.

Until next time ! Arrivederci.

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May 2013