2011 WSOP Main Event Day 8 End of Level 32 Update

Barnhart was one of the late level casualties
Barnhart was one of the late level casualties

The playdown day of the World Series of Poker Main Event is typically slow going.  Several players just do their best to hang, several big stacks get complacent, and everyone is preoccupied with securing a seat at the final table.

That is why it is so surprising to see the Day 8 field already cut by a third, as seven players busted over the course of two hours of action.  With only six eliminations remaining to go today, it is beginning to look like there might not be many players standing once action moves to ESPN at 5pm PT.  There is no official announcement yet about how the TV schedule might affect the action, but until then, here is the latest action from the end of Level 32 (Blinds 100,000/200,000 ante 30,000):

Gianni Demers Eliminated in 20th Place

Action folded around to Gianni Demers on the button, and he went all-in for just under 4,000,000. Konstantinos Mamaliadis called quickly from the big blind, showing KK, well ahead of Demers’ A5. The flop was QT8, no help for Demers, and the 6 on the turn did little to change things. Demers would need one of the three remaining aces to survive, but the river was the 7, eliminating Demers in 20th place.

Mamaliadis was up to 17,000,000 after the hand.

Aleksandr Mouzhnyakov Eliminated in 19th Place

Sam Barnhart raised to 560,000, and Aleksandr Mozhnyakov went all-in for 1,525,000 total. Barnhart called, and Mozhnyakov’s tournament life was at stake with KQ against Barnhart’s AT. The flop was no help for Mozhnyakov, coming out 443. The turn was the J, and Mozhnyakov was left with six outs to stay alive in the Main Event, but the river was the 2, eliminating Mozhnyakov in 19th place, and bringing the tournament to a halt at 18 players while they redraw for seats at the final two tables.

Barnhart was up to about 6,700,000 after this hand.

Seating Assignments and Chip Counts for the Final Two Tables:

These chip counts were accurate at the start of when play resumed with 18 players remaining:

Feature Table

Seat 1: Andrey Pateychuk – 12,685,000
Seat 2: Ben Lamb – 19,190,000
Seat 3: Samuel Holden – 3,300,000
Seat 4: Ryan Leneghan – 6,915,000
Seat 5: Pius Heinz – 5,860,000
Seat 6: Matt Giannetti – 8,980,000
Seat 7: Badih Bounahra – 9,380,000
Seat 8: Anton Makiivskyi – 29,720,000
Seat 9: Sam Barnhart – 6,245,000

Secondary Feature Table

Seat 1: Bryan Devonshire – 8,255,000
Seat 2: Khoa Nguyen – 12,075,000
Seat 3: Eoghan O’Dea – 22,075,000
Seat 4: Phil Collins – 9.605,000
Seat 5: Konstantinos Mamaliadis – 16,450,000
Seat 6: Scott Schwalich – 12,925,000
Seat 7: John Hewitt – 11,175,000
Seat 8: Kenny Shih – 5,050,000
Seat 9: Martin Staszko – 5,940,000

Kenny Shih Eliminated in 18th Place

Kenny Shih raised to 525,000 from under the gun, and action folded around to John Hewitt in the big blind, who called. The flop was A76, Hewitt checked, Shih bet 700,000, and Hewitt check-raised to 2,000,000. After nearly six minutes in the tank, Shih went all-in for 4,400,000 total, and Hewitt called.

Shih was ahead with 88 for a pair of eights, but would have to dodge a lot of outs, as Hewitt had KJ for overcards and a flush draw. Hewitt would need a club, jack, or king to take the lead and potentially eliminate Shih. The turn was the 2, giving Hewitt an unbeatable flush, and the river was the 7. Kenny Shih was eliminated in 18th place, collecting $378,796 for his efforts. Hewitt was up to 15,000,000 after this hand.

Sam Barnhart Eliminated in 17th Place

Sam Barnhart raised to 550,000 from middle position, and Pius Heinz reraised all-in from the small blind. Heinz had 5.1 million, which covered Barnhard’s remaining 4 million chips. Barnhard calld with 99, and Heinz held a dominant KK.
The board ran out J43T8 and the kings held to send the first-ever WSOP-C National Champion to the rail in 17th place. After starting out the summer with a $300,000 win and a bracelet at Caesars Palace, he ended his time in Las Vegas with a deep run in the Main Event worth slightly more than that.

Ryan Lenaghan Eliminated in 16th Place

Minutes after Barnhart hit the rail, Ryan Lenaghan joined him there when Sam Holden raised to 400,000 in middle position and Lenaghan reraised all-in for 4.64 million from the hijack. Holden called with AQ and Lenaghan’s A8 was in bad shape.
The 762 flop took away one of Lenaghan’s outs, as it gave Holden a flush draw. The 8 on the turn paired up Lenaghan, but it also completed Holden’s flush and left the former chip leader drawing dead. The river brought the 6 and Lenaghan was eliminated, while Holden moved to 12,145,000 in chips.

Sam Holden Doubles Thru Ben Lamb

Ben Lamb raised to 625,000 out of the small blind and Sam Holden moved all-in from the big blind for his last 3.2 million. Lamb called with A9, but Holden had him outkicked with AJ. Holden remained in the lead as the board ran out 872J2 and he doubled to 6.75 million, while Lamb dropped to 15.7 million.

Five Bets are Enough for Devonshire

John Hewitt raised to 425,000 in middle position, and Bryan Devonshire three-bet to 10,550,000 from the cutoff. Action folded back to Hewitt and he four-bet to 2,100,000. Devonshire quickly went all-in, and Hewitt mucked just as fast, falling to 9,100,000. Devonshire was up to 10,550,000 after this hand.

Devonshire would lose some back a few hands later. He raised to 440,000 in middle position, and Owen O’Dea called in the cutoff. The flop was 764, and both players checked. The turn was the 4, Devonshire bet 330,000, O’Dea raised to 900,000, and Devonshire called. The river was the 7, Devonshire checked, O’Dea bet 1,400,000, and Devonshire called. O’Dea showed KK, and Devonshire mucked, falling to 7,700,000. O’Dea was up to 24,800,000.

Five Bets for Pius Heinz Too

Andrey Pateychuk raised to 410,000 from the hijack and Pius Heinz reraised to 1.1 million out of the small blind.   Pateychuk fired back, making it 2.04 million to play.  Hein responded with a five-bet to 3.13 million total.  Pateychuk quickly laid it down, and Heinz raked in one of the last pots of the level.


20. Gianni Demers – $302,005
19. Aleksandr Mouzhniyakov – $302,005
18. Kenny Shih – $378,796
17. Sam Barnhart – $378,796
16. Ryan Lenaghan – $378,796

Chip Counts

Anton Makiievskyi – 31,775,000
Eoghan O’Dea – 24,700,000
John Hewitt – 15,900,000
Ben Lamb – 15,780,000
Konstantinos Mamaliadis – 14,200,000
Pius Heinz – 13,655,000
Scott Schwalich – 12,925,000
Samuel Holden – 12,715,000
Phil Collins – 11,800,000
Andrey Pateychuk – 10,670,000

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