2013 BLUFF Reader’s Choice Nominees: Favorite Male Player

The poker landscape has seen a litany of changes in 2012, and as the year winds toward a close it’s once again time for the BLUFF Reader’s Choice Awards. Your votes will decide the winners in 14 unique categories covering all of the players, personalities, locations and content the poker world has to offer.

The two most popular categories readers vote on year in and year out are Favorite Male and Female Players. Fans are quick to show their love for their favorite player. From the most casual poker fan to the forum junkies, everyone has a strong opinion on they think the best player is today.

Last year Daniel Negreanu won by a wide margin with nearly 30% of the votes, followed by Jason Mercier with 18.3%. It was a three-way race for second place with Phil Ivey and Tom Dwan earning 17.1% and 16.3% respectively. Rounding out the ballot was Phil Hellmuth (9.4%) and Erik Seidel (9.4%).

Seidel and Dwan find themselves off the ballot this year, and with the voting limited to five players Antonio Esfandiari is the only new name readers can vote for. Esfandiari’s win in the Big Drop and his popularity with fans of his ESPN WSOP commentary the newest member might offer Negreanu some stiff competition.

This year’s nominees include:

  • Antionio Esfandiari
  • Daniel Negreanu
  • Jason Mercier
  • Phil Hellmuth
  • Phil Ivey
Voting for the 2013 BLUFF Reader’s Choice Awards opens on November 28 at BLUFF.com.
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Paul Oresteen

Senior Writer: Paul Oresteen originally joined BLUFF in 2008 as an intern. He covered two World Series of Poker’s before leaving to join PokerNews.com. After a two year hiatus Oresteen returned to BLUFF in November 2012. Since starting as a poker journalist Oresteen has covered the World Series of Poker, WSOP Circuit, World Poker Tour and European Poker Tour. He graduated from Georgia State University with a B.A. in Communications in 2008.
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