2014 Main Event Days 2A & 2B Roll Along as Jacobson Maintains Top Stack

Martin Jacobson is cruising on Day 2A of the 2014 WSOP Main Event, maintaining one of the biggest stacks in the room through the first three levels of play Tuesday. (Drew Amato photo)

Martin Jacobson is cruising on Day 2A of the 2014 WSOP Main Event, maintaining one of the biggest stacks in the room through the first three levels of play Tuesday. (Drew Amato photo)

With the groundhog day of three starting sessions behind us in the 2014 World Series of Poker Main Event, less than two days of poker separate the entire remaining field from being housed under one roof.

The players on Day 2A and 2B, which are going on simultaneously in three different rooms, are more than halfway to that goal of making it to Day 3 where all three sessions combine. With the dinner break officially underway, Day 1A chipleader Martin Jacobson is still at the top of the chip counts with 275,000. One of the few players to rival that stack so far is Jack Schanbacher, who hopes to add to a 2008 WPT title with a deep run in the Main Event after building a dinner time stack of 270,000.

World Cup action dominated the collective consciousness of players, media and fans alike during the first few hours of Days 2A and 2B. Several German pros in the field greatly enjoyed the spectacle put on by Germany, who beat Brazil 7-1. 2012 BLUFF Player of the Year Marvin Rettenmaier appreciate the German squad making it easy to turn an eye back to the table with their blowout.

Rettenmaier’s since slipped a bit, but he still has over 100,000. Closer to the top are Joe Kuether and Kevin MacPhee, who have each built up big stacks in early action on Days 2A and 2B. Around 1,150 players have survived to this point from the first two starting sessions, but the chips are currently distributed pretty evenly among those survivors. Defending Main Event champion Ryan Riess is still in the mix as well.

The two leaders in the 2014 WSOP Player of the Year race, which BLUFF highlighted just before the start of play on Day 2A/B, will both have to wait until WSOP Asia-Pacific to accumulate any more POY points. Both Brandon Shack-Harris and George Danzer, who advanced from Day 1B, went out on Day 2 before the dinner break.

Greg Merson won the 2012 WSOP Main Event and made it deep into Day 5 in 2013, but hopes of a third consecutive deep run ended on Day 2A as Merson made an early exit from the featured table. His good friend Christian Harder, who was tied with Ronnie Bardah at four straight Main Event cashes coming into this tournament, will not get his fifth in a row as Level 7 marked the end to his 2014 WSOP.

Scott Seiver, Anthony Gregg, Max Steinberg, Amanda Musumeci, Yevginiy Timoshenko, Mike Matusow, Liv Boeree, Dennis Phillips, Mike Sexton and Josh Arieh were just a few of the many other casualties during the first three levels of Day 2, along with Mike McDonald.

For his part, McDonald mourned misspending $10,000 on a horse in the Main Event instead of a sure-thing World Cup bet.

Players will return from the 90-minute dinner break at approximately 8:20 pm PST, and they’re scheduled to play two more levels before they bag up and advance to Day 3 Thursday.

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