$25,000 High Roller Attracts 229, Jonathan Jaffe Builds Large Lead

Jonathan Jaffe was clearly excited to end the day at the top of the counts. (Photo by Thomas Keeling)

Jonathan Jaffe was clearly excited to end the day at the top of the counts. (Photo by Thomas Keeling)

Day 1 of the $25,000 High Roller at the 2014 PokerStars.net Caribbean Adventure kicked off in the shadow of the Main Event. The High Roller bookends the PCA that began with the $100,000 Super High Roller. The single re-entry event attracted 190 unique players, collected 39 re-entries, for a total of 229 entries. Jonathan Jaffe leads the remaining 104 players after ending the day with 422,000.

Behind Jaffe are Daniel Negreanu (344,500) and Philipp Gruissem (310,000). An all-star field will advance to Day 2 including; Ole Schemion, Vanessa Selbst, Isasc Haxton, Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier, Jason Mercier, Olivier Busquet, Faraz Jaka and Martin Finger.

Unable to survive the day were Ryan Riess, Antonio Esfandiari, Sorel Mizzi, Angel Guillen, Cliff Josephy, Matthew Waxman, Dan O’Brien and Chris Moorman. It should be noted that these players are able to re-enter the event up until the start of play on Day 2 if they haven’t already used their second buy-in.

The 2013 edition of this event attracted 161 unique entrants and generated 43 re-entries. The field already passed the number of unique entrants and looks to pass the number of re-entries as well.

There was a dust up between Selbst, Deeb and the floorman following a clock call from Keith Lehr. The hand began with Bryn Kenney and Deeb entering the hand, Selbst three-bet to 13,500 from the small blind and Finger four-bet to 29,000 from the big blind. Kenney and Deeb folded, Selbst tanked for a short while before she moved all in. With action on Finger for around two minutes, Lehr called the clock on Finger and the floorman arrived.

The floorman gave  Finger a 30-second warning to which Selbst and Deeb objected. They insisted that Finger had not had a reasonable amount of time to act. Lehr was a little bit apologetic but insisted that the hand had taken too long. Finger looked incredulous that Lehr had called the clock and after some discussion the floorman then gave Finger a minute to act on his hand. He called, tabled K Q and Selbst turned over pocket kings. The board ran 7 6 4 J J and Selbst doubled up to just under 200,000.

Jaka, Schemion and Zachary Hyman got into a huge three-way all in preflop. Jaka tabled A A, Schemion had A A and Hyman tabled 9 9. The board ran J 7 6 7 T and Hyman saw his stack chopped between Jaka and Schemion.

Gruissem passed the 300,000 chip mark in a hand that was short on details but long on chips. He got into a preflop raising war holding pocket aces against Jared Jaffe. The flop fell [Qx] [Tx] [4x], Jaffe check-raised all in, Schemion called and Jaffe tabled [Ax] [Qx]. Gruissem’s aces held and Jaffe was cut down to just below the starting stack.

Mercier played rags from the big blind, hit the flop and got paid off in a big way. The board was 8 6 5, after a series of bets and raises two players were all in and Mercier called holding 7 4. His flopped straight was ahead of Simon Higgins’ pocket kings and another opponents pocket sixes. The board completed 3 J and Mercier stacked 180,000 after the hand.

Day 2 will have cards in the air at noon Eastern with the goal of playing down to a final table.

$25,000 High Roller Day 1 Top Ten Chip Counts

  1. Jonathan Jaffe – 422,000
  2. Daniel Negreanu – 344,500
  3. Daniel Colman – 315,000
  4. Philipp Gruissem – 310,000
  5. Paul Kuzmich – 285,000
  6. Faraz Jaka – 270,000
  7. Ole Schemion – 260,000
  8. Jacob Schindler – 235,000
  9. Francisco Garcia – 225,000
  10. Joseph Cheong – 225,000

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