ACOP in Full Swing, Smith on High Stress, RFG Wins Miss Universe

Mornings are never fun. The best way to manage them – to get through them really – is to create a routine. For most people that means a shower, a commute, a coffee and spending the first 15 minutes of your day procrastinating before getting your workday started. Here at BLUFF, we think The Ante should be a key part of your routine. Every weekday we bring you all the poker news you might have missed and get you ready to take on your day. Carpe diem.

50 Year Old Indian Banker Anju Abrol won Event 2 of ACOP for HK $401,400. (Photo c/o PokerStars Live Macau)

50 Year Old Indian Banker Anju Abrol won Event 2 of ACOP for HK $401,400. (Photo c/o PokerStars Live Macau)

ACOP Crowns Two Indian Champions, Super High Roller and Main Event Still to Come

They’re almost a week into the Asia Championship of Poker in Macau, and though the High Roller and Main Event – which should be star-studded affairs – are still to come, there was some interesting news coming out of Macau in the series’ first week. The first two events were each won by players from India, with 50-year-old banker Anju Abrol taking down the Deepstack Championship for HK $401,400 ($51,759). This came just one day after Kunal Patni won his first career tournament in Event 1. It’s just the latest in a number of big steps for poker in India, which seems set to explode if given the opportunity, as highlighted in this story from the January issue of BLUFF.

The biggest High Roller tournament players in the world are beginning to descend on Macau, with the HK $500,000 High Roller set for Saturday afternoon and an HK $100,000 Main Event to follow on Tuesday. With two tournaments of that size and a big crowd expected, one question sticks out in our minds – could current BLUFF Player of the Year frontrunner Dan Colman make an appearance? With only a few big High Rollers left in 2014, this would be one of Colman’s last big opportunities to put away the race – and serious contender Mike Leah – in one fell swoop.

Royal Flush Girl Brittany Bell Wins Miss Universe Guam

In her last year of eligibility, Brittany Bell – one of the World Poker Tour’s Royal Flush Girls – won the Miss Universe Guam pageant and the right to represent her home country in the Miss Universe Pageant in Miami next January.

Bell, who also won Miss Arizona in 2010 and graduated from Arizona State, spoke passionately of her reasons for entering the competition.

“While living back home on Guam, I’ve been taking everything that I’ve learned from all of my traveling and all that God has given me to contribute to my roots.” Bell said prior to the competition. “The history of Guam is very deep, and at times it touches my heart so much that I cry. Most people don’t know what it means to be Chamoru, unless they are familiar with the island or are rooted in the bloodline. That is my motivation. I want to make sure that the island is not overlooked, and by participating in the community and doing something like this I see so many possibilities. What we have on Guam is amazing. I am so proud of my roots.”

Dan Smith Talks About Staying Sane in Stressful Situations

Dan Smith has been pretty visible of late, and with good reason. For the second time in three years he’s spent the majority of 2014 in the top three of the BLUFF Player of the Year race, and he currently sits first in the BLUFF Power Rankings. Smith took some time out of his busy tournament schedule to pen an article for Entrepreneur magazine on keeping your cool in high-stress situations – with five bullet points relating poker to similar situations in business and life.

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