Adrian Buckley Wins Millionaire Maker, Matt Elsby Wins Limit Hold’em

The huge 7,725 player Millionaire Maker came down to a final table with four bracelet winners but two unknown players found themselves playing for seven figures. The $3,000 Limit Hold’em Six Max event was a long, slow grind to a final table that never finished.

Adrian Buckley Nets First WSOP Cash with Millionaire Maker Win

Adrian Buckely earned his first WSOP cash by winning the Millionaire Maker for $1.27 million.

Adrian Buckely earned his first WSOP cash by winning the Millionaire Maker for $1.27 million.

The $1,500 Millionaire Maker final table boasted a Hall of Famer, an online poker legend and a Vegas pro working his way back up the ranks, but two players short on experience outlasted 7,273 other players to play for seven-figures.

Adrian Buckley and Javier Zarco played heads-up for nearly 100 hands before Buckley gained momentum, eliminated Zarco and won $1,277,193.

“It’s completely 100% surreal – it makes no sense to me, I don’t even know what’s going on,” Buckley said. “I feel extremely lucky, I went into Day 3 with six bigs and Day 4 with less than ten bigs – it’s been crazy, the run of the century.”

“This year I decided to play ten events and see how I do. I didn’t expect to final table this or make it deep,” he continued. “I don’t know what I’m going to do with the money. I’m definitely playing the Main, maybe even the Poker Players Championship. I’ll pay off some student loans, get out of debt and play poker more – it’s what I love to do.”

Buckley is a 27-year-old electrical engineer from Colorado and works for Lockheed Martin. He said his co-workers were watching and he’ll be back to work on Monday.

Olivier Busquet finished in third place, Erick Lindgren in seventh and Mike Sexton was the first player eliminated at the final table.


  1. Adrian Buckley – $1,277,193
  2. Javier Zarco – $791,690
  3. Olivier Busquet – $589,569
  4. Randy Pfeifer – $441,465
  5. Arshad Siddiqui – $333,038
  6. David Miscikowski – $253,093
  7. Erick Lindgren – $193,675
  8. Justin Pechie – $149,283
  9. Mike Sexton – $115,890

Matthew Elsby Wins $3,000 Limit Hold’em Six Max

Matt Elsby won the Limit Hold'em event after three other Limit final tables.

Matt Elsby won the Limit Hold’em event after three other Limit final tables.

The short-handed Limit Hold’em event began its final scheduled day with 22 returning players. After a twelve hour plus day Matthew Elsby defeated Gabriel Nassif for his first WSOP bracelet.

“You just have to keep your focus – that’s the hardest part. Whoever stays the most  and plays the best consistently usually does the best,” Elsby said. “It was my third Limit Hold’em final table so I finally got one – it’s satisfying.”

Brian Hastings bubbled the final table in seventh place – he got short and his pocket kings were cracked by Thomas’ two pair.


  1. Matthew Elsby – $230,799
  2. Gabriel Nassif – $142,631
  3. Dave Tobin – $92,582
  4. Joseph Thomas – $61,892
  5. Alexander Kuzmin – $42,515
  6. Harun Sapmaz – $29,975

$10,000 Omaha Hi-Lo Championship Hits Money Bubble at 2 am

The $10,000 Omaha Hi-Lo Championship put its Day 2 players to the test with the field not hitting the money until the last level at 2 a.m. Prince of Docness leads the way. A stacked field of known Omaha players remain with Daniel Alaei, Scott Clements and Joe Cassidy. Erik Seidel, Mike Wattel and Eli Elezra also advance to Day 3.

The money bubble was set at 18 players and they played until 2 am before hitting the money.

Chip Counts

  1. Prince of Docness – 583,000
  2. Kyle Miaso – 568,000
  3. Daniel Alaei – 520,000
  4. Scott Clements – 503,000
  5. Anthony Zinno – 455,000
  6. Joe Cassidy – 425,000
  7. Jeffrey Vaughn – 281,000
  8. Ken Aldridge – 208,000
  9. Tai Nguyen – 186,000
  10. Erik Seidel – 158,000

Garrett Beckman Leads 35 Players to Day 3 of $1,500 No Limit Hold’em

Day 2 of the $1,500 No Limit Hold’em began with 272 players competing for the 198 spots that paid. After ten levels of play Garrett Beckman leads the remaining 35 players to Day 3 with 1.28 million.

Caufman Talley is the only other player over a million (1.076), Ben Zamani, Andy Frankenberger and Ryan Welch return above average while Natasha Barbour and Kevin MacPhee occupy the bottom of the counts.

Chip Counts

  1. Garrett Beckman – 1,288,000
  2. Caufman Talley – 1,076,000
  3. Darrell Funk – 781,000
  4. Paul Ephremsen – 640,000
  5. Wenlong Jin – 603,000
  6. Peter Hong – 602,000
  7. Alan Goodman – 595,000
  8. Bejamin Zamani – 550,000
  9. Oluwashola Akindele – 548,000
  10. Dan Gannon – 516,000

Kyle White Leads 207 Survivors in $1,000 No Limit Hold’em

The noon event was bargain priced at $1,000 and drew 1,951 entrants. The field played 11 levels and Kyle White leads the way with 184,900.

Matt Stout, Zo Karim and Antonio Esfandiari are among the top stacks. Ravi Raghavan, Ben Yu and Alex Masek move on, but with a closer to average stack.

The field generated a prizepool of $1,723,500 to pay out the top 198 finishers. A min-cash is worth $1,947, a trip to the final table guarantees $23,387 and the winner walks with $318,977.

Chip Counts

  1. Kyle White – 184,900
  2. Jose Barbero – 175,600
  3. Talesh Patel – 158,500
  4. Matt Stout – 147,700
  5. Jason Wheeler – 123,100
  6. Anthony Maio – 121,100
  7. Ken Weinstein – 117,300
  8. Dustin Bush – 116,900
  9. Cole Jackson – 112,900
  10. Edward McGaffigan – 111,600

$1,500 No Limit Deuce to Seven

The $1,500 No Limit Deuce to Seven kicked off at 4 p.m. and drew 219 players. After ten levels Christian Pham bagged up the only count over six figures with 145,175.

Dan Smith, Jon Turner and Jorry van Hoof bagged up top ten stacks alongside Robert Mizrachi, Huck Seed and Mike Gorodinsky. Mohsin Charania, Eric Cloutier and Tom Schneider return with short stacks.

The small field combined for a prizepool of $295,650 to spread across the final 28 players. The min-cash is good for $2,578, eighth place earns $6,320 and the winner pockets $81,314.

Chip Counts

  1. Christian Pham – 145,175
  2. Nicholas Verkaik – 90,000
  3. Daniel Ospina – 71,550
  4. Andrey Zhigalov – 70,975
  5. Eric Wasserson – 63,600
  6. Vincent Musso – 63,275
  7. Dan Smith – 58,175
  8. Jon Turner – 57,525
  9. Marcel Vonk – 56,500
  10. Jorryt van Hoof – 56,350

Looking Ahead

Events 24 and 25 kick off tomorrow as the WSOP rolls into its third week. The noon event is a $1,500 HORSE event and the late event is the $5,000 No Limit Hold’em Eight Max. Two events will most likely not reach a final table until later in the day – the $1,500 No Limit Hold’em event has 35 players returning and the $10,000 Omaha Hi-Lo event has X players returning.

The $1,000 No Limit Hold’em event and the $1,500 No Limit Deuce to Seven events restart in the afternoon for their respective Day 2s.

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