Andrew Chen Wins EPT London High Roller for $633,150

Andrew Chen went from the short stack three-handed to the EPT London High Roller champion. (photo credit Neil Stoddart/PokerStars)

Andrew Chen went from the short stack three-handed to the EPT London High Roller champion. (photo credit Neil Stoddart/PokerStars)

The final day of the PokerStars European Poker Tour London High Roller started with Russian Leonid Markin leading the way with November Niner Jorryt van Hoof a close second. Their hopes of winning the top prize of £394,200 ($633,150) were dashed during the day. With three players remaining, Andrew Chen was a distant third, but he ran hot at the right time to claim the EPT London High Roller title.

Ten players returned to the Grand Connaught Rooms in London, needing to lose two players to reach the official final table. That goal was accomplished quickly with the eliminations of Niall Farrell and Team PokerStars Pro Johnny Lodden in ninth and tenth respectively.

Leonid Markin wasn’t involved in the first two eliminations, but it wouldn’t take long for the Russian to exert his will at the final table as he knocked out Jorryt van Hoof in eighth place. On a flop of 7 4 3 Markin bet, van Hoof re-raised, Markin moved all in and van Hoof called, showing 7 7 for a flopped set. Unfortunately for van Hoof, Markin flopped a straight with 6 5 and when the board didn’t pair, Markin moved over 3,000,000 chips.

Philippe D’Auteuil moved all in with K 6 went against the T T of Fadi Kamar. D’Auteuril flopped a flush draw, but didn’t improve to bring the final table down to six. Andrew Chen was among the short stacks, but got back into contention when his A-K doubled through the A-2 of Martin Quack. Quack spun up his stack from a single big blind to over 500,000 chips, but he still finished in fifth when his K J lost a flip against Kamar’s 6 6.

The next player making the long walk to the payout desk was Salman Behbehani as Fadi Kamar once again claimed a stack. Behbehani was all in preflop with K Q, dominating Kamar’s K J. The board ran out A 3 3 J 2 making the table four-handed with Leonid Markin still well ahead with Andrew Chen bringing up the rear. Chen came from behind with pocket fours to double through Kamar’s pocket kings to stay alive.

Leonid Markin’s momentum hit a brick wall as he doubled up Kamar twice, then doubled up Andrew Chen to become the short stack. Markin shoved with K 3 but Craig McCorkell woke up with J J, sending the chipleader four-handed to out in fourth place.

When the remaining three players returned from a short dinner break, Fadi Kamar had nearly half the chips in play, followed by Craig McCorkell and Andrew Chen. Less than an hour later, Chen held all the chips and was getting ready to take his winner’s photo. First Chen doubled with A 9 against McCorkell’s Q J, flopping an ace to move into second. Chen eliminated McCorkell a few hands later when his 8 8 held against McCorkell’s K Q to bring the event down to the final two players.

Chen’s heater continued when he doubled through Kamar in what turned out to be the penultimate hand of the tournament. Chen opened the action with a raise, Kamar three-bet and Chen called. The Q 8 2 flop had Kamar check-call a bet from Chen. The 7 on the turn saw Kamar check, then re-raise all in after Chen’s bet. When the cards were on their backs, Kamar held 8 7 for a turned two pair, but Chen flopped a better two pair with Q 8. The river brought the 3 and Fadi Kamar was down to just two big blinds. On the next hand Kamar moved all in with A 9 but was behind Chen’s 8 8. The board ran out K Q 6 J 5, given Chen the victory. A few minutes later, Chen took to Twitter to note the moment:

PokerStars EPT London High Roller Final Table Results
(payouts in parenthesis in USD)

  1. Andrew Chen – £394,200 ($633,151)
  2. Fadi Kamar – £267,000 ($428,847)
  3. Craig McCorkell – £178,000 ($285,898)
  4. Leonid Markin – £145,800 ($234,179)
  5. Salman Behbehani – £117,000 ($187,822)
  6. Martin Quack – £90,700 ($145,679)
  7. Philippe D’Auteuil – £67,200 ($107,934)
  8. Jorryt van Hoof – £49,400 ($79,345)
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