“AnthonyMason” & “freezer” Still Atop 2015 Online POY Rankings


The 2015 New Jersey and Nevada Online Player of the Year rankings are provided by thepokerdb.

This year, on top of comprehensive online Sunday Major coverage from regulated sites in New Jersey and Nevada, BLUFF.com also brings you weekly Player of the Year rankings and player features, highlighting some of the best online players in the country as they compete for the 2015 POY titles in their respective states.

While the top half of the Nevada Online POY rankings remain more or less unchanged, the same can not be said for the New Jersey rankings as they have a slightly different look with a change to the top four being made for the first time this year.

The NJ rankings also saw three players make massive jumps over the last two weeks, with two players leaping into the top 10 from outside of the last updated list and another using a red hot stretch of results to vault into the top 5.

For all the movement below them, “AnthonyMason” and “freezer” are still holding their spots at the top of their state’s respective rankings despite doing it in drastically different ways.

Without further ado, the third installment of the 2015 Online Player of the Year rankings, as of March 9th:

2015 NJ Online Player of the Year Rankings*:

*The website listed next to each players name in the NJ POY rankings represents the site that thepokerdb.com recognizes as the players “main” account, but as you can see, nearly all of these players have linked accounts and results from other NJ sites.

  1. AnthonyMason (888.com) – 17,766.95 (-)
  2. smaulerg (WSOP.com) – 17,668.44 (+4)
  3. JohnnyDrama (BoragataPoker) – 17,059.29 (-1)
  4. juice (WSOP.com) – 16,229.42 (-)
  5. JayRiv22 (partypoker) – 16,054.25 (+9)
  6. sofcknsickk (partypoker) – 15,481.37 (+6)
  7. centrfieldr (WSOP.com) – 14,998.46 (-3)
  8. Hyperion (partypoker) – 14,984.82 (NR)
  9. Flawlessbinkage (BorgataPoker) – 14,819.70 (-4)
  10. NYR9414 (WSOP.com) – 14,793.59 (NR)
  11. phatdaddy (WSOP.com) – 14,632.71 (-3)
  12. CharlieBrown (WSOP.com) – 14,159.05 (-3)
  13. olmuggins (WSOP.com) – 14,055.92 (+3)
  14. PocketProfits (partypoker) – 13,955.16 (-1)
  15. jakep474 (partypoker) – 13,767.75 (-8)
  16. hud_seriously (partypoker) – 13,662.64  (-6)
  17. Thatgood45 (partypoker) – 13,168.68 (-2)
  18. Deuxexmachin (WSOP.com) – 13,094.16 (-6)
  19. AvonBarkz (WSOP.com) – 13,048.15 (NR)
  20. GiantGenius (partypoker) – 12,959.33 (NR)

Dropped off: BlckJck (17th), Hashtag_Hashtag (18th), schaf4206 (19th), NoXcape (20th)

The fact that “AnthonyMason” is still atop the NJ OPOY rankings just shows how dominant he’s been through the first two months of the year, as the fine print shows that he did not register a single cash or POY point since the rankings were last updated.

He still remains at the top of the list, but his advantage has now been cut from a 1,500 to just under a 100 point lead, with “smaulerg” using a second Sunday Major win of 2015 to break into the top four.

The biggest mover of the last two weeks has to be “JayRiv22“, who has gotten off to an amazing start in March, notching victories in both WSOP.com and partypoker $10,000 GTD daily events and a win in a $2,000 GTD NJ High Roller, earning just over $9,600 for his recent victories.

Those results would move him into the top five, bookending himself  between OPOY Contenders Mike “JohnnyDrama” Haberman and Kevin “sofcknsickk” Campbell, as Haberman keeps his place in the top three and Campbell has solidified himself in the top ten.

While “JayRiv22″ has been trending upwards, along with former Sunday Major champ “Hyperion” and “NYR9414” who both jumped into the top ten from outside the last updated rankings, “Deuxexmachin” seems to be free falling, dropping ten spots over the last month to barely keep a spot in the top twenty.

2015 Nevada Online Player of the Year Rankings:

  1. freezer – 10,040.18 (-)
  2. butters – 9,759.38 (-)
  3. PaulDewald – 8,296.58 (-)
  4. papaya – 7,990.79 (+2)
  5. helionic – 7,937.92 (-1)
  6. BShriever5 – 7,866.28 (-)
  7. itsmrtrfle – 7,839.80 (NR)
  8. Kody10 – 7,395.37 (-)
  9. whiteyslacks – 7,383.09 (NR)
  10. brokefinger – 7,139.68 (NR)

Dropped off: scross (7th), Carl0sDanger (9th), legum (10th)

Movement in the Nevada OPOY rankings was almost non-existent over the last two weeks, with the top three players all holding their podium spots.

freezer” is setting the pace at the top, notching six final table appearances and close to $2,000 in earnings over the last week to keep his lead atop the rankings.

The only player to make a major move up the rankings was “papaya“, using a win and runner up finish in the WSOP.com $3,000 GTD nightly over the last week to jump two spots and into the top four.

While the differences in movement between rankings are staggering, there is one obvious similarity as the bottom spots in both rankings are filled with players new to the lists, as “whiteyslacks” and “brokefinger” earn a spot in the Nevada top ten for the first time this year.

Next week we will bring you another player feature as BLUFF.com will highlight a top contender for both the NJ and Nevada Player of the Year titles.

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