Asher Conniff Leads 23 Survivors to Day 4 of WPT World Championship

Asher Conniff bagged up 1.2 million for lead heading into Day 4 of the WPT World Championship. (Photo by Paul Oresteen)

Asher Conniff bagged up 1.2 million for lead heading into Day 4 of the WPT World Championship. (Photo by Paul Oresteen)

Day 3 of the World Poker Tour $15,000 World Championship featured the march to the money and ended with 23 players. Asher Conniff edged out Ray Qartomy late in the night to top the chip counts with 1.275 million to 1.176 million respectively.

“I’m feeling a little bit anxious so I’ll be up for a bit tonight,” said Conniff. Where Qartomy was loose, laughing and invited the entire WPT crew up to his room for a party after bagging.

Season XII’s defending champ Keven Stammen and third place finisher Tony Dunst both bagged up decent stacks. They’ll be joined on Day 4 by Brock Parker, Jake Schindler, David Tuthill and Carlos Mortensen.

Jason Mercier, Scott Clements, Jonathan Jaffe, Esther Taylor-Brady, Matt Salsberg, Matt Glantz and Ravi Raghavan all started the day but were eliminated.

The money bubble took nine rounds of hand-for-hand play before Parker opened, Corey Hochman three-bet, Parker played back with a shove and Hochman called with pocket jacks. Parker rolled over A K, the flop made his hand when the board ran K T T 3 9 and Hochman’s elimination locked up a cash for the remaining players.

Qartomy won a huge hand before the dinner break after a preflop showdown holding pocket queens against Josh Spiegelman’s A K. The flop hit Spiegelman with K J 4 but the board ran out T A, giving Qartomy Broadway and crossed the 500,000-chip mark. He elected to do dinner early with a padded stack.

Jaffe started the day as second-largest stack and after a day of wild swings he was eliminated before the dinner break. He doubled up Oleg Shnaider after he shoved on the river of a 5 4 2 Q 6 board with ace high. Shnaider called holding A 6 and Jaffe slid chips across the table. Jaffe’s final hand came holding Q T against Lee Markholt’s pocket sixes. The board ran 8 8 3 6 T and Jaffe’s day was done.

Tuthill arrived to Day 3 focused on winning the event. He padded his stack late in the day when he eliminated Larry Ormson. Tuthill held A T, Ormson had K J and Tuthill paired his ten to send Ormson to the rail.

Taylor-Brady was the only woman that returned for Day 3, but she was on a short stack and did manage to double up once. The she open-shoved her stack from the button holding A 8 and Dunst called from the small blind holding A T. The board ran T 6 3 Q J, Dunst paired his ten and Taylor-Brady was eliminated short of the money.

Day 4 will have cards in the air at noon and play down until they’ve reached the TV final table of six players.

WPT World Championship Day 3 Top Ten Chip Counts

  1. Asher Conniff – 1,275,000
  2. Ray Qartomy – 1,176,000
  3. Keven Stammen – 915,000
  4. Alexander Lakhov – 884,000
  5. Brock Parker – 865,000
  6. Jake Schindler – 792,000
  7. Michael Lavoie – 789,000
  8. David Tuthill – 625,000
  9. Brian Yoon – 603,000
  10. Matt Berkey – 489,000
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