Asher Conniff Misclicks & Wins WPT World Championship, $973,683

Asher Conniff is the Season XIII WPT World Champion. (Photo courtesy of WPT)

Asher Conniff is the Season XIII WPT World Champion. (Photo courtesy of WPT)

Asher Conniff had no intention of playing the World Poker Tour World Championship, playing under the online name “misclick” Conniff actually misclicked and registered online for a $1,000 satellite to the event, instead of the NJCOP High Roller tournament he was attempting to register.

Conniff shipped the must-play seat, cancelled a trip to Europe and played the tournament of a lifetime. He arrived at the final table second in chips, built a monster stack and took down the tournament for $973,683.

“I wasn’t supposed to be here, I was playing online on Sunday and misclicked on the tournament and won. I played and now we’re standing here, it’s unreal,” Conniff said minutes after winning.

“I can’t even try to wrap my head around it right now, people are asking me how it feels and everything is just so surreal right now,” he continued. “It was amazing to have my friends and family here, win a tournament on my home turf – it’s more than ever I could have imagined.”

“Last week has been the craziest week and today has been the craziest day,” said Conniff. “I’ve tried to work really hard to get places in poker and it’s all happened way quicker than I expected. I knew I had my work cut out for me at this final table, but I ran amazing. I understand what it takes to win one of these things and it’s not just skill and patience.”

Alexander Lakhov brought the biggest stack to the final table, followed by Conniff and Brian Yoon. Ray Qartomy, Tony Dunst and Carlos Mortensen rounded out the final table.

Dunst lost a big pot early to Mortensen after a preflop showdown. Dunst held pocket kings, Mortensen rolled over pocket tens and the board ran T 7 6 2 3. Dunst was left short and a few hands later he open-shoved holding T 9 and Conniff called with A K. Conniff turned a flush and Dunst’s day was over.

Two hours later Qartomy’s stuck slipped to below ten big blinds, he made a final stand holding J 9 and Conniff called with A T. The board ran Q 8 7 8 4, Qartomy’s draws didn’t hit and he was sent to the rail.

Around 20 minutes later Mortensen pushed his short stack all in holding pocket tens and Lakhov called holding A 6. The board ran K 7 6 2 A and the ace on the river ended Mortensen’s bid for a second WPT World Championship title.

Less than an hour later Yoon put his short stack at risk holding J 3 and Conniff called holding K J. The board ran J 5 4 7 4, Yoon was eliminated and cleared the way for heads-up play.

Conniff held 9.8 million to Lakhov’s 2.1 million when the championship match up began. Conniff chipped away at Lakhov over a dozen hands before Lakhov three-bet all in and Conniff snap-called holding A Q. Lakhov rolled over T 6 and needed to improve to stay alive. The board ran 7 5 2 4 K, Lakhov was eliminated, Conniff became the newest member of the Champions Club and will have his name engraved on the WPT Champions Cup.

WPT World Championship Final Table Payouts

  1. Asher Conniff – $973,683
  2. Alexander Lakhov – $573,779
  3. Brian Yoon – $330,358
  4. Carlos Mortensen – $267,764
  5. Ray Qartomy – $208,647
  6. Tony Dunst – $173,873
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