Articles by: Alex Fitzgerald

Booking Wins & Tracking Hands in Live Tournaments

Alex Fitzgerald | May 23, 2015

“Did he check that turn?” I ask, with my iPhone open to a note taking application. “Gotta update the HUD, huh?” David Tuthill asks me with his customary wry smile. I laugh. In the two days of playing the World Poker Tour World Championship, he was the only one who called me on what I […]

Mental Game: How To Make Pessimism and Optimism Work for You

Alex Fitzgerald | April 20, 2015

Normally this column is the handiwork of Alex Fitzgerald. This time however Fitzgerald asked John Wood, the mental coach from, to contribute.  Think positively. Being negative will never get you anywhere. You just have to believe, and then good things will happen. You have to be optimistic because it beats the alternative, being pessimistic. I […]

How to Fix the Flaws in Your Mental Game

Alex Fitzgerald | March 25, 2015

Recognizing the Flaws in Your Mentality Will Improve Your Play The weakest part of my game has always been my mentality. Yes, I am tough. I am not bragging; this is a fact. I started in 2005 online. I was told by practically everyone that I sucked and would never make it. Now it’s 2015 […]

If You Want To Make It as a Poker Player, You Have to Diversify

Alex Fitzgerald | March 3, 2015

“Diversification is the only free lunch.” –Harry Markowitz, Nobel Prize Winner As I write this, I am nodding off to Leonard Cohen, jet lagged out of my mind. I just got back from Texas, where I rap battled for a Youtube audience, interviewed potential new private coaches for my site, and trained a new assistant, […]