Blake Bohn ‘Got Hit By the Deck’ in Day 2 of Borgata Poker Open

Blake Bohn ended Day 2 as the chip leader in the WPT Borgata Poker Open. (Photo by Thomas Keeling)

Blake Bohn ended Day 2 as the chip leader in the WPT Borgata Poker Open. (Photo by Thomas Keeling)

Normally locating the chip leader in a large field at the end of the night proves to be a challenge, but Blake Bohn‘s towers of 5,000 chips made him quite easy to spot. Bohn bagged up 807,500 – almost 200,000 chips more than Darren Elias in second place – as the chip leader for Day 2 of the World Poker Tour Borgata Poker Open.

“I got hit in the head by the deck quite honestly,” Bohn said. “Usually I never have it and I had it every time today. I probably had aces eight times today, made some good folds and made some good reads. I tried to play some good poker, but I also had a lot of big hands.”

Justin Zaki, Mukul Pahuja, Erik Cajelais, Ryan Riess, Daniel Weinman and defending champ Anthony Zinno all bagged up stacks well above the average. Dan Shak, Jamie Kerstetter, Eddy Sabat, Zo Karim, Dan O’Brien and Malik Rose bagged around average stacks, while Russell Thomas, Mike Sexton, Jared Hamby and Ebony Kenney have their work cut out for them as some of the shorter returning stacks.

The long tournament grind sent Matt Stout, Melissa Burr, Loni Harwood, Richard Seymour, Matt Waxman, Joe Kuether, Kara Scott, Keven Stammen, Mike Leah, Shaun Deeb and Carlos Mortensen to the rail.

Play began at noon with 606 returning players and after eight levels the field was trimmed to 150 players – just 30 players off the money bubble.

Harwood faced a tough decision before she raised all in on a board of J T 8 7 against Wade Woelfel. He called holding A Q for flush and straight draws and Harwood tabled pocket aces. The river fell 5, filling Woelfel’s flush and Harwood was sent to the rail.

NFL star Seymour, who felt he was the best poker player in the NFL during his career, moved his short stack all in preflop holding A Q. His opponent called holding pocket deuces and the board ran 7 4 3 2 6. His opponent’s set eliminated Seymour and he’ll have to wait to find his first poker title to compliment his three Super Bowl rings.

Kuether found his way to the door after he moved his short stack in preflop holding A 9. Stewart Newman called holding pocket nines and the board ran J 5 2 T T and Kuether left the tournament area.

Stout commanded a sizable stack early in the day when he called a three-bet from Bruno Martins to see a flop of K 7 6. Stout check-raised on the flop, Martins re-raised and Stout called. The turn came 8, both players checked and the river came 8. Stout led out, Martins shoved and Stout called holding pocket sevens with a full house. But Martins showed him bad news when he tabled pocket kings for a larger full house. Stout was crippled and was eliminated shortly later holding Ax Kx against pocket fours.

Just before the last break of the night Justin Zaki opened from under the gun, Waxman three-bet and Zaki played right back with a four-bet. Waxman moved all in holding A 5 and Zaki called with A K. The dealer spread Q 7 4 K Q and Zaki’s two pair showed Waxman the door.

Day 2 Top Ten Chip Stacks

  1. Blake Bohn – 807,500
  2. Ray Qartomy – 623,000
  3. Justin Zaki – 618,000
  4. Darren Elias – 594,000
  5. Mukul Pahuja – 562,000
  6. Qi Yao Chen – 520,500
  7. Stewart Newman – 519,000
  8. Brian Altman – 481,000
  9. Aditya Agarwal – 469,000
  10. Bobby Oboodi – 458,500

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