BLUFF POY: Doug Polk Makes Top 10 Appearance

Doug Polk wins Bellagio $100,000 Super High Roller II. Raising him to seventh place in the BLUFF POY standings. (Photo Credit: Drew Amato)

Doug Polk wins Bellagio $100,000 Super High Roller II. Raising him to seventh place in the BLUFF POY standings. (Photo Credit: Drew Amato)

As all preliminary events have concluded at the 2014 World Series of Poker, changes to the BLUFF Player of the Year standings have slowed, and are not expected to see significant changes until the end of the Main Event, when cashes have been calculated.

As it stands, the top five competitors on our list have not seen any alteration since July 4th where we saw George Danzer in the lead with 778.85 points. Likewise, Mustapha Kanit still sits in second with 777.48 points, and Joseph McKeehen in third with 764.72.

Perhaps one of the biggest stories within the past week, was Doug Polk‘s win in the Bellagio $100,000 Super High Roller II. On July 4th, Polk outlasted a field of 37 entrants in a chaotic one day event that saw him bank 1,648,350 for his first place finish. The win earned him 250 points in the BLUFF POY rankings, taking him from outside of the top 20 standings, to inside of the top 10 – sitting in seventh place.

Jacob Schindler also gained a substantial amount of BLUFF POY points by playing in the Bellagio $100,000 Super High Roller II. He placed third in the event for $549,450, awarding him 125 points, and moving himself up nine places in the rankings. Schindler previously sat in the 19th spot, before moving up to 10th place this week.

The Bellagio Super High Roller II was one of the only notable events that ran just before the World Series of Poker Main Event commenced, and because of that, the individuals who placed higher in that particular tournament (Polk and Schindler), were able to substantially affect the standings, and all other players ranked under them. Players that were dropped two or more points as a consequence of their run good, include; Dominik Panka, Kevin Stammen, Daniel Neagreanu, Simon Deadman, Dan Smith, Davidi Kitai, Vanessa Selbst, Calvin Anderson, Ami Barer, and Ole Schemion.

There was only one newcomer to the top 20 list, and that person was Mukul Pahuja. Pahuja elevated out of the abyss and crept into the top 20 after cashing 146th in the $1,111 Little One for One Drop, on July 7th.

McKeehen poses the biggest threat to surpass Danzer and take over the first place spot, as he is the only player within the top 10 standings that is still alive in the World Series of Poker Main Event. If McKeehen just cashes for the minimum, he will gain 30 points, moving him into the number one spot in the BLUFF POY rankings.

As of Level 12, in the Main Event, McKeehen had approximately 190,000 chips with blinds at 1000/2000. 693 players are to be paid, and 1,287 players remained as of 4:30 pm on Thursday.

2014 BLUFF Player of the Year Standings (as of July 10th) 

  1. George Danzer – 778.85 (-)
  2. Mustapha Kanit – 777.48 (-)
  3. Joseph McKeehen – 764.72 (-)
  4. Daniel Colman – 720.70 (-)
  5. Mike McDonald – 715.08 (-)
  6. Leonid (Alex) Bilokur – 692.00 (-)
  7. Doug Polk – 686.00 (NR)
  8. Brandon Shack-Harris – 672.90 (+1)
  9. Dominik Panka – 667.04 (-2)
  10. Jacob Schindler – 659.95 (+9)
  11. Keven Stammen – 650.00 (-3)
  12. Daniel Negreanu – 637.19 (-2)
  13. Simon Deadman – 618.65 (-2)
  14. Dan Smith – 615.75 (-2)
  15. Davidi Kitai – 595.65 (-2)
  16. Vanessa Selbst – 580.60 (-2)
  17. Calvin Anderson – 578.26 (-2)
  18. Ami Barer – 558.88 (-2)
  19. Ole Schemion – 554.74 (-2)
  20. Mukul Pahuja – 553.90 (NR)
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