BLUFF’s Top 10 Videos for 2013

Since joining BLUFF as Multimedia Producer back in May, I’ve had the opportunity to film hundreds of interviews and have some fun with several “SrslySirius” style productions. As the year comes to a close, I’d like to share some of my favorite videos produced for BLUFF in 2013.

1. Can’t Fold This

Getting “big timed” by Danny Masterson turned out to be serendipitous, as I consequently happened upon this bizarre scene at the SHRPO. Holding pocket kings and dramatically moaning that she couldn’t fold to Tony Sinistaj’s shove, it took quite some time for Mimi Luu to determine her one other option.

Right away I knew that this moment needed a remix.


2. Phil Laak’s Quest for Chicken

At WSOP Europe, I asked Phil Laak for a quick interview during a 15-minute break. I should have known that things are rarely that simple with Phil. He was preoccupied with a mission to score lunch, but invited me to join the adventure. How could I refuse?

Poor Noah Schwartz ended up contracting food poisoning as a result of this trip, but that didn’t stop him from winning a WSOP bracelet later that week.


3. Daniel Negreanu Celebrates Number Six

At the beginning of the year, Daniel Negreanu set a goal to win all the major awards, including WSOP Player of the Year. Coming into WSOP Europe, with a sizable deficit behind Matthew Ashton, he whiffed the first 5 events. But he still pulled off the upset by making a deep run in the main event and taking down the high roller.

It was a hell of a run, and special moment to behold as Negreanu was awarded his 6th WSOP bracelet.


4. Doug Lee the World Champion

I always wondered if all the tales I’d heard about Doug Lee were exaggerated. Soon after meeting him, it quickly became apparent that the Canadian Superbomber is the real deal. Since winning a WSOPc ring in 2005 and crushing the likes of Phil Ivey, Jennifer Harman and Jean-Robert Bellande, he’s never looked back. Now he coaches professionally for $600/hour and may reveal the secrets that enable him to outplay Ivey in a poker strategy book.

In part 2 of the interview, he also discusses struggles with fame, dealing with haters, and potential legal action against identity thieves on Twitter.


5. Everything Disappoints Carter Gill

Carter Gill’s dejected reaction to taking a bad beat in the WSOP Main Event went somewhat viral this year. Millions of people online watched the clip described as the “saddest face ever”.

When I first saw it, I thought his limp wrist was dropping something. It wasn’t. But then I imagined what it would have been if it had. Then some other things in my brain happened. A doctored video was the result.


6. Phil Hellmuth’s Player Council

Initially I had some difficulty getting Phil to consent to an interview at WSOP Europe, so I had to settle for clips of him declaring war on Shannon Shorr and devouring chicken nuggets.

Eventually my persistence paid off, as he revealed his brilliant plan to form a council of professional poker players who will decide which bracelets “count”. Daniel Negreanu, who was invited to join the council, was not impressed.


7. Chino Rheem Addresses Debts

At this year’s WSOP, I quickly learned that many poker players will open up and discuss personal and difficult topics if you just approach it the right way. Many players were very forthcoming and some even introspective, such as Bryan Pellegrino addressing the Lock Poker crisis, Jamie Gold on tax disputes and auction of his WSOP bracelet, Matt Marifioti on various personal issues, Dutch Boyd’s career struggles, and Chino Rheem candidly acknowledging his debts and gambling leaks.


8. Shamelessly Honest Online Poker Ad

This satirical advertisement for a fictional US-facing online poker site is strictly for entertainment and educational purposes only. Any similarities to actual US-facing poker sites that steal player balances and hold lavish Portuguese excursions are purely coincidental.


9. Stump the Kevmath Ep. 3

We’ve produced 9 episodes of Stump the Kevmath so far, featuring BLUFF’s Poker Information Manager Kevin Mathers. Episode 3 is perhaps my favorite as it contains a healthy dose of Kev-sass, Men Nguyen babbling incessantly, Norman Chad boasting savant-like recall (and still losing), a WSOP employee referring to Doyle Brunson as the “old man in the hat”, and a good mix of poker pros and salt of the earth folks.


10. Chris Moneymaker’s Jamie Gold Story

The story of Jamie Gold working for Chris Moneymaker and Johnny Chan prior to Gold’s 2006 WSOP Main Event run was first told to me off-camera, after I had just filmed another interview with Chris. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. By sheer coincidence two Main Event champions hired a man in an unrelated field that would go on to be a Main Event champion himself. This may have shaped future events, inspiring Gold to take his shot at the WSOP.

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