Bryn Kenney Wins $1,500 Ten Game Mix



Bryn Kenney wins his first bracelet in the $1,500 Ten Game Mix. (Photo Courtesy WSOP)

Bryn Kenney has won the $1,500 Ten Game Mix after defeating a field of 445 entries, over a three day period. The close out came today after Kenney steam-rolled through the nine players that came into the day on Friday.

Kenney, who was the most accomplished player at the table with over $3.3 million in career tournament winnings and extensive experience playing high stakes mixed cash games – decided he wanted to take this tournament down and win his first bracelet for his good friend, Ryan Young, who passed away two years ago.

Kenney pulled it off, as he made himself the chip leader early in the day, and never relinquished it until he had topped the whole field just six hours later.

The day began with the following nine players preparing for battle on Day 3 of the $1,500 Ten Game mix:

  1. Jan Suchanek – 494,00o
  2. Bryn Kenney – 298,500
  3. Andrey Zaichenko – 259,000
  4. Randy Ohel – 212,500
  5. Fabio Coppola – 212,000
  6. Daniel Zack – 205,000
  7. Michael Mixer – 172,000
  8. Haresh Thaker – 116,500
  9. David Blatte – 41,000

The first bust out of the day came after Andrey Zaichenko opened from the cutoff to 10,000, only to get three-bet from the button by Daniel Zack to 25,000. A short stacked David Blatte saw an opportunity to get it in, and he did with his remaining 47,000, holding AAQT. Zaichenko folded, and Zack made the call with QJJ7. Blatte was in good shape after the flop came down A93, giving him top set. However, Zack still had outs, as he flopped a flush draw. The turn was a safe 5 for Blatte, but the river would be the 4 giving Zack the flush and sending Blatte home in ninth place.

Haresh Thaker was the next to go after he was short stacked and shipped his last 81,500 from the small blind over a 9,000 open from Zack in the cutoff. Thaker was holding A8, but Zack made the call with AQ and had Thaker dominated. The board ran out KQ4K2, giving Zack a pair of queens and sending Thaker to the rail in 8th place.

Michael Mixer went out after roughly an hour of play. He opened the button to 10,000 and was three-bet by Kenney to 32,000 on the small blind. Mixer made the call holding QJT8. The flop came 893, giving Mixer a wrap. Kenney continuation bet the pot, and Mixer came over the top all in for 100,000. Kenney made the call holding KK77. The turn was a spade adding a flush draw to Mixer’s many outs. But the river was the K, failing to complete any of Mixers major draws – sending him to collect his 7th place check for $13,576.

Randy Ohel was the second most decorated player at this final table, having almost $1 million in career tournament earnings. He would add $18,923 to that amount, after he busted in sixth when he called Daniel Zack’s under the gun raise from the button holding TTKJ. The flop was Q55, and Ohel checked. Zack bet 11,000, and Ohel check-raised to 32,000, having Zack make the call. The turn was the 2 and both players checked. The turn was a seemingly beautiful card for Ohel, the T – making him a full house. So he bet out 55,000. Zack moved all in for 111,000 – and Ohel quickly called. However, Zack opened his hand showing 8575 for flopped quad fives. Ohel shook his head and made his exit from the amazon room.

Andrey Zaichenko was eliminated in fifth place after it folded to Fabio Coppola in the small blind and raised Zaichenko who was sitting in the big blind. Zaichenko three-bet him, and Coppola put in a four-bet right back. Zaichenko then five-bet all in for about 78,000 total, and Coppola called. Zaichenko was holding A2, and Coppola KK. The flop was devastating for Zaichenko as it was K84. The turn and river were no help, as they fell JT. Zaichenko collected $27,033 for his efforts.

The badugi poker variant would be the game to take Daniel Zack’s tournament life. It folded around to Zack in the small blind and he put out a raise, only to have Jan Suchanek three-bet him from the big blind. Zack thought for a second and four-bet shipped his whole stack for 51,000 total… Suchanek called. Zack was holding 432, and Suchanek 63A. Suchanek was able to squeeze the J to make his four card badugi. Zack could only show the J for the three card badugi. He would walk off to collect $40,500.

Fabio Coppola collected a nice $61,396 for his third place finish after he raised 20,000 from the button, and got three-bet all in from the big blind from Kenney. Coppola made the call holding; ten, eight, seven , six. While Kenney held; jack, ten, nine, seven, five. Coppola could only come up with a king, and that wouldn’t be substantial enough to best Kenney’s jack-ten.

Heads up play only began about six hours into the day. I would be Kenney and Suchanek to go toe-to-toe for the title. Kenney made quick work of Suchanek, defeating him in approximately twenty minutes.

The final hand of the night came after Suchanek limped the button, and Kenney came over the top from the big blind, raising to 33,000. The flop came down Q92 and Kenney checked to Suchanek, who then bet 105,000. Kenney made the call. The turn was the 4, and Kenney checked yet again. Suchanek fired out again to 250,000, and Kenney called. The river was the 9 and this time when Kenney checked, Suchanek shoved the rest of his stack for 520,000. Kenney snapped called him to end the tournament. Kenney quickly flipped over T9, and found out that Suchanek had gone for a triple barrel bluff after he showed K2.

Kenney had a huge smile on his face as he was congratulated by his entourage. He had this to say about the win:

“I’m feeling great, my sister came out to celebrate her twenty-first birthday, she just completed another semester an Cornell – she’s got over a 4.0 average, and she brought the luck for me today too. So it was special to win the tournament. After the first day, my friend Steve Sung was chip leading in the $1,500 No Limit, and I was chip leading in the Ten Game, and he said, ‘let’s win this tournament for Ryan Young.” He was a great kid who passed away two years ago, so yeah… I want to commemorate this win for my good buddy Ryan Young.”

Kenney would take home his first gold bracelet, and $153,220 for his victory.

Final table payouts

  1. Bryn Kenney – $153,220
  2. Jan Suchanek – $94,618
  3. Fabio Coppola – $61,396
  4. Daniel Zack – $40,550
  5. Andrey Zaichenko – $27,033
  6. Randy Ohel – $18,923
  7. Michael Mixer – $13,576
  8. Haresh Thaker – $13,576
  9. David Blatte – $10,152
  10. Stuart Rutter – $10,152



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