Bursting the Bubble of the 2015 World Series of Poker Main Event

Jack Effel 2015 Money Bubble

When players went to dinner in the 2015 World Series of Poker Main Event, they were 51 spots away from the money. For 1,000 people, a cash of at least $15,000 would be just an hour away. For 51 unfortunate players, almost three full days of action in the Main Event would lead to a grand total of $0.

BLUFF set up shop in both the Amazon and Brasilia Rooms during one of the most exciting and tumultuous moments of the biggest tournaments of the year, with an eye towards giving an inside look for those who’ve never seen that kind of craziness in person.

8:16 pm :

8:26 pm : Within the first eight minutes back from dinner 15 players had already hit the rail.

8:30 pm : Some players were obviously crushed by their close calls.

8:37 pm :

8:44 pm : Things came to a rough conclusion for Mike Matusow as well. Amar Anand, who started Day 3 with the chiplead, used Matusow’s former chips to join Brian Hastings with over 1 million. (credit: WSOP.com)

8:47 pm : With 1:31:45 on the clock, there are 1,020 players left.

8:52 pm : At 1:26:48, the clock’s ticked down to 1,015.

9 pm : The rate of eliminations hasn’t slowed and at 1:18:43 the 2015 WSOP Main Event field was just over one table from the money.

9:02 pm : 1,008 remain.

9:05 pm : Players all over the Amazon Room are calling the clock in a steady stream, as the shortest stacks do everything within their power not to bubble. They’re seven spots from the money.

9:07 pm :

9:12 pm : Mumblings of ‘The World Series of Tanking’ and even a rumor of an entire table agreeing to take their time are going around.

9:14 pm : Officially five spots off the money in the 2015 WSOP Main Event.

9:16 pm : Nicholas Grippo shoves with A K and Dan Larsen calls with A K. They’re guaranteed a chop by the turn.

9:17 pm : Four off the money.

9:19 pm : Danny Fuhs opens in middle position and Dominik Panka shoves all in from the button. Fuhs calls with T T but he’s well behind Panka’s K K. Panka stays ahead on the 8 5 5 flop and J turn, but the T ends his Main Event three spots away from the money.

9:20 pm : The clock is paused and all dealers are advised to finish the hand they’re on and hold up.

9:26 pm : Jack Effel gives the go ahead to deal the first hand of hand-for-hand play two spots off the money. There are no all in and calls across 112 tables.

9:34 pm : Effel starts the second hand of hand-for-hand.

9:46 pm : At Table 349 in the Tan section of the Amazon Room, Josh Ladines shoves from the small blind and Roy Daoud calls for 21,500 in the big blind. Action is held up for well over 10 minutes as all other hands finish. There’s a second all in and call at Bronze 52 in the Brasilia Room and there’s a chance the bubble could burst right now.

When the hands are finally turned over, Daoud looks to be in pretty good shape with 5 5 against Ladine’s 7 5. The flop is a clean K 9 4, but the K turn adds three counterfeit outs to Ladines’ possibilities. “Nine,” calls out a player from the other side of the table. On cue, the 9 falls, making Ladines’ seven kicker the best hand and sending Daoud out on the bubble.

9:57 pm : Effel races over to the Brasilia Room for the turning over of the second hand, where much of the action happened before the cameras came over. Jonas Lauck and Samuel Gagnon got involved in a hand. Lauck opened to 7,000, Gagnon raised to 19,000 and Lauck called. The flop came K 5 4, Lauck check-called 16,500. The turn came T, Lauck checked, Gagnon bet 37,000 and Lauck called some short thought. The river came A, Lauck checked again and Gagnon pushed out a large stack of orange 5K chips – enough to cover Lauck. He went deep into the tank as a huge mass bodies surrounded the table.

Lauck called after a few minutes and Gagnon snap-turned over his hand when he was supposed to wait. Gagnon showed Q J for Broadway and after Effel returned from the Amazon room Lauck revealed A Q one card at a time. Effel took Lauck with him to the Amazon Room to draw for a high card and the players in the Brasilia Room milled around impatiently.

Roy Daoud 2015 Bubble Boy

10:00 pm : Lauck and Daoud were taken to a stage in the Amazon Room to draw a high card for a seat into the 2016 WSOP Main Event. Daoud was dealt a J and Lauck got the 7, adding insult to injury as Lauck officially finished in 1,002nd place. Effel declared all players in the money and the Amazon Room broke out into applause.

10:01 pm : Wave after wave of players Tweet out ‘In the money!’ or some variation, but for some players cashing meant a little bit more. At Table 392 in the Orange section of the Amazon Room, Philip Stark had just 1,500 chips with the big blind baring down on him in one more hand when the bubble burst.

10:01 pm : Then it was time for the rush to the payout line to begin, with more than 350 players set to receive a mincash of $15,000.

The line at the cashier's cage filled up quick once the money bubble burst.

The line at the cashier’s cage filled up quick once the money bubble burst.

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