By The Numbers: Black Friday to Bailout Tuesday

The poker world is full of facts, figures, stats and records. With so many numbers being crunched day in and day out, sometimes it is tough to see what they all add up to. That is why BLUFF brings you some of the more interesting numbers related to the big tournaments, big stories, and big personalities in the poker world. Some are factual, some are fun, and some are both. In this edition of By The Numbers we take a look at the time that transpired between Black Friday and Tuesday’s announcement of PokerStars Acquiring Full Tilt Poker.

472 Number of days that player’s funds were locked on Full Tilt Poker before the announcement on Tuesday that PokerStars will work with the U.S. Department of Justice to redistribute funds to players in the near future.

6 Number of days before PokerStars makes the first payment to the U.S. Government in order to begin paying back U.S. player’s Full Tilt Poker account balances.

90 Deadline in days for non-U.S. poker players with money in Full Tilt Poker accounts to be paid back by PokerStars. International players are owed an estimated $184 million.

731,000,000 Amount of the fines and debts that PokerStars has agreed to pay to U.S. and non-U.S. players as a result of Tuesday’s agreement with the DOJ.

18,489,753 Interest that the total money due to players would have earned if it was in a savings account with a 2.02 APY that compounded monthly for 15 months during the time that has transpired since Black Friday.

632,420,143 Profit that the money due to players would have earned if it had been invested in Apple Stock and appreciated during the time that has transpired since Black Friday.

1,150,000 Amount of money owed to Blair Hinkle, who had the most money of any player who has come forward to admit how much he had left in his Full Tilt Poker account when player’s funds were frozen on April 15, 2011.

547,000,000 Fine that PokerStars will pay the U.S. Department of Justice in order to pay back U.S. poker players owed money on their Full Tilt Poker accounts.

225,000,000 Amount of first installment due from PokerStars to the U.S. Government by August 6 in order to begin paying back U.S. players.

3 Number of years that PokerStars has to pay the full amount of the $547 million fine to the U.S. Government.

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