By The Numbers: World Poker Tour Borgata Poker Open

The poker world is full of facts, figures, stats and records. With so many numbers being crunched day in and day out, sometimes it is tough to see what they all add up to. That is why BLUFF brings you some of the more interesting numbers related to the big tournaments, big stories, and big personalities in the poker world. Some are factual, some are fun, and some are both. In this edition of By The Numbers we take a look at the World Poker Tour Borgata Poker Open.

818,847 Prize money awarded to the eventual champion of the 2012 World Poker Tour Borgata Poker Open Ben Hamnett. He now holds $959,504 in career live tournament earnings.

35,450,000 Number of chips in play in the Borgata Poker Open Main Event. Each player started with 30,000 in chips on their respective Day 1 of the event. The winner of the tournament Hamnett, obviously held all of those chips after the final hand of the tournament.

4,720,000 Number of chips that Hamnett began the final table with on Friday afternoon, so he increased his chip stack by more than 700 percent during the final day of play.

1,313 Number of players that entered the Borgata Poker Open during Season X. The highest turnout ever for the tournament.

1,181 Number of players that entered the Borgata Poker Open during Season XI. There were 132 less players that entered than last season, representing a 10 percent decrease in participation from the previous year.

2.5 Number of months the Borgata had been open when it hosted its first World Poker Tour televised event during Season III of the tour in the summer of 2003.

19-1 Chip disadvantage that Olivier Busquet overcame during heads-up play to win the Borgata Poker Open during Season VIII of the WPT. Ben Hamnett held on to a 2-1 chip advantage entering heads-up play to win the 2012 title.

21 Age of Mark Newhouse when he won the Borgata Poker Open during Season V of the WPT. Vivek Rajkumar was just 22 years old when he won during Season VII.

48 Number of hands Rajkumar needed to win his final table at the Borgata. Making it one of the shortest WPT final tables in history. The final table won by Hamnett last week was 128 hands by comparison.

152 Number of hands it took to decide play on the WPT television final table of six bubble during Season VI. Zvi Shiff fell in eighth place on the 20th hand of play and John Kranyak finally fell in seventh place during the 172nd hand of play for the unofficial final table of 10 players that year. That means that it took 307 hands to get from 10 players to the eventual champion Roy Winston.

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