Cards Go Cold for Negreanu in Level 11 of 2015 WSOP Main Event

It was a rough level to start Day 3 for Negreanu, but he did get a bit of sage advice from a few poker pros.

It was a rough level to start Day 3 for Negreanu, but he did get a bit of sage advice from a few poker pros.

After bagging for the second time in the 2015 World Series of Poker Main Event Thursday night, Daniel Negreanu sat just inside the top third of the chip counts to start Day 3. It was a stack that offered Negreanu a lot to play around with, but left lots of work to get done.

Negreanu entered play Friday with a clear set of goals and set the bar pretty high for Levels 11 through 15.

His table to start the day, Brasilia 27, looked like this when Level 11 kicked off:

Seat 1: Victor Lemos – 86,300
Seat 2: Blair Rodman – 160,600
Seat 3: Hien Nuyen – 125,300
Seat 4: Jordan Young – 84,100
Seat 5: Daniel Deveau – 148,000
Seat 6: Claude Purches – 82,100
Seat 7: Cole Jackson – 294,000
Seat 8: Joe Webster – 66,200
Seat 9: Negreanu – 123,600

12:04 pm: Tournament Director Jack Effel introduces Dealer of the year Lashun Wallace for the Shuffle Up and Deal. Negreanu, who is sitting next to a dealer also named Daniel, turns to him and jokes, “So you didn’t win dealer of the year?” With a 200 ante and blinds of 800 and 1600, Day 3 is officially underway.

12:06 pm: Negreanu stood up and applauded for Wallace and praised his prowess from firsthand experience. “He deals most of the big limit events and the mixed games,” says Negreanu. “Even John Monnette doesn’t get mad at him that much.”

Negreanu and the table briefly discuss Monnette’s reputation at the table, but unbeknownst to them Monnette is sitting just one table away and overhears some of the conversation.

12:08 pm: A reporter comes over and informs Negreanu that Monnette is only a few feet away and he gets up to confirm it. He walks over to talk to him. “Don’t talk too loud, Daniel,” says Monnette. Rather than apologize, Negreanu simply talks to him about the Dealer of the Year who, Monnette confirms, is quite good.

12:16 pm: Negreanu confirms his plans to attend the upcoming WSOP National Championship in North Carolina, but he’s going to use it as an opportunity to unwind a bit after a long WSOP grind. “I’m going to be drinking and having fun,” he says.

12:18 pm: The talk turns back to dealer abuse and Blair Rodman brings up Puggy Pearson, who was also notorious for abusing dealers and whipping cards at them. Floor man Bob Smith overhears the conversation and gives a little more insight. “He’s the reason why the muck is on the other (right) side of the dealer. Puggy always sat in the 1 seat and had his lit cigar, and the dealer would have their hand right there on top of it. Sometimes it’d come down.”

12:19 pm: Negreanu asks Rodman how long he’s been married. “19 years,” says Rodman. As the conversation continues, it comes up that Rodman and his wife live in separate houses. “Both in Vegas?” asks Negreanu. Rodman confirms it. “Who’s idea was that?” Negreanu continues, and Rodman doesn’t give much of a verbal response.

After about a minute of thinking it over, Negreanu continues, “So you lived together at some point and found a better solution?” Rodman nods his head.

12:29 pm: After more than 20 minutes of folding, Negreanu finally gets into a hand. Joe Webster raises to 3,500, Negreanu calls and Hien Nguyen calls in the big blind. The flop is A J 8, Nguyen checks, Webster bets 6,500 and Negreanu leans directly to his right to get a better view of Webster’s chips before folding. Nguyen calls and they check it down the rest of the way, with both of them tabling [Qx] [Jx] to chop the pot.

“Guys!” shouts Negreanu jokingly. “You both had a jack? You were supposed to have the ace.”

12:39 pm: A new dealer, Sam, sits down in the box.

12:41 pm: Rodman raises to 3,500, and as Negreanu calls they gain an audience. “Ooh, we have the cameras here.”

Both check the Q 5 3 flop and Negreanu leads out for 5,000 on the 6 turn. Rodman calls and the river is the 2. Negreanu bets 12,500 and Rodman calls, with Negreanu showing 4 4 for a straight to take the pot.

“I knew it,” said Nguyen. “You knew I had fours exactly?” asks Negreanu. “I did my homework.” “Did you read my soul?” jokes Negreanu. “Just saw the reflection in your eyes,” says Nguyen with a smile.

12:43 pm: Nguyen raises to 3,600 Negreanu calls in the small blind and Victor Lemos calls in the big blind. “What do I have now?” asks Negreanu. The flop is Q 9 4, Nguyen bets 4,500 and Negreanu gets out of the way. Lemos calls, but folds to another bet on the 2 turn.

As Nguyen scoops the pot Negreanu asks again. “What was my hand?” “I don’t know. “Just pick, any two cards,” says Negreanu.

12:53 pm: As the cards simply aren’t finding Negreanu, the conversations wander. Negreanu’s interest and involvement in a Las Vegas hockey team comes up. “There are five cities with a petition into the NHL – Toronto, Quebec, Vegas, and Seattle has two,” says Negreanu. Cole Jackson, who is wearing a Robinson Cano Mariners jersey, asks about Seattle’s chances.

“I think it’s a great spot for hockey, seems like a hockey town,” says Negreanu. “Still no basketball, though?”

“There are a lot of Sonics fans left,” Jackson replies. The talk turns back to Las Vegas and its sports future.

“Once we get hockey, we get basketball,” says Negreanu.

1:03 pm:

1:08 pm: Nguyen limps under the gun, Daniel Deveau limps, Negreanu calls, Lemos completes the small blind and Rodman checks. Deveau takes it down with a bet of 3,100 on the flop.

1:12 pm: “So are we getting hockey here?” asks Rodman. “100 percent by 2017/18,” replies Negreanu. “But the arena will be done sooner than that.”

1:18 pm: Negreanu raises to 3,500 and Jackson calls in the big blind. As the T 8 2 flop is dealt Jackson checks. “Not even looking?” asks Negreanu, who checks back. The turn is the A, Jackson checks, Negreanu bets 6,000 and Jackson folds.

1:22 pm: Claude Purches raises to 3,500 in the cutoff and Negreanu calls in the big blind. They both check the Q Q 5 flop and Negreanu checks again on the A turn. As Purches picks up an orange chip to bet Negreanu snap-folds his hand.

“Take my money. I don’t have none of that,” says Negreanu.

1:27 pm: Negreanu raises to 3,500 in the cutoff and Nguyen calls in the big blind. The flop is K 7 4. “You have kings Daniel?” asks Nguyen. “Well I can’t tell you during the hand.” Nguyen checks, Negreanu bets 5,000 and Nguyen folds pocket nines face up. “I wasn’t bluffing,” says Negreanu as he scoops the pot.

1:33 pm: Nolan Dalla gets on the microphone in the Brasilia Room to give an update on the status of some players in the field, including chipleader Amar Anand. “Who cares bro,” says Negreanu with a laugh. “So what.”

As Dalla’s announcements continue, Negreanu spots Wallace, the Dealer of the Year, and goes over to congratulate him. “When I heard it was you, I was so happy.

1:35 pm: Negreanu raises to 3,500 in early position, Lemos calls and Nguyen calls in the cutoff. The flop is Q J 7, it’s checked to Nguyen and he bets 4,500. Both Negreanu and Lemos call and the turn is the 8. Nguyen bets 11,500 and this time that’s enough to take the pot.

1:37 pm: Negreanu raises to 3,500 from under the gun and Nguyen three-bets to 9,500 from the hijack. Negreanu calls and the flop is K 9 3. Negreanu checks, Nguyen bets 9,000 and Negreanu folds.

Nguyen shows A A. “Thank you sir,” says Negreanu. “Your hand was better than mine, but I had outs.”

1:38 pm: Jordan Young runs [Kx] [Jx] into Jackson’s [Ax] [Kx] and bricks out. This will be the only all in and call of the level at this table.

1:45 pm: Nguyen raises to 3,500 in early position, Negreanu calls in the small blind and Lemos calls in the big blind. The flop is T 4 3, Negreanu leads out for 4,500 and only Lemos calls. The turn is the 6, Negreanu checks, Lemos bets 9,500 and Negreanu calls. The river is the 9, Negreanu checks, Lemos bets 13,500 and Negreanu folds.

1:47 pm: Jackson raises to 3,600 in the hijack, Negreanu calls on the button and Rodman calls in the big blind. All three players check it down to the end and Rodman takes it with A K. “I had it, don’t know why I didn’t bet,” says Negreanu.

1:49 pm: Negreanu raises to 3,500 in the cutoff and Nguyen calls in the big blind. The flop is Q T 4, both players check and the turn is the A. Nguyen checks, Negreanu bets 5,000 and Nguyen folds.

2:07 pm: Webster raises to 4,000 and Negreanu calls on the button. The flop is 5 4 2, Webster checks, Negreanu bets 5,000 and Webster raises to 11,000. Negreanu folds, Webster shows 5 5 for a set and Negreanu shows A 8 for overs and a straight draw.

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