Carlos Mortensen Bubbles Main Event Final Table

Carlos Mortensen was eliminated in 10th place, falling just shy of a November Nine appearance (Jay Newnum Photo)

Carlos Mortensen was eliminated in 10th place, falling just shy of a November Nine appearance (Jay Newnum Photo)

Just 20 minutes into level 35, an elimination happened and the final 11 that came back from a 20 minute break were combined to one final table of 10.

Mark Newhouse came into the unofficial final table as the short stack, but after a much-needed double up and a few other pots, he was able to stave off elimination and be the 2013 November Nine bubble boy. It was 2001 Main Event champion, Carlos Mortensen, who was the unlucky person to finish in 10th place, finishing just shy of a November Nine appearance and a chance to be the first repeat champion since Johnny Chan in 1987-1988.

Mortensen Fights Back From the Brink

Carlos Mortensen, the last Main Event champion standing, was one of the shorter stacks coming back from the break. He quickly got involved in a pot with Ryan Riess.

Riess raised to 800,000 from the button and Mortensen called in the big blind. The flop was Q 7 2, Mortensen checked, Riess bet 675,000 and Mortensen called. The turn was the K and both players checked.

The J fell on the river, Mortensen bet 1.4 million and Riess quickly called. Mortensen tabled J 2 for a rivered two-pair and Riess mucked. His friends were shocked by Mortensen’s hand as well with several of them chanting “Jack-Deuce suited” as Mortensen stacked his new chips.

Mortensen increased his stack to 12,925,000 and Riess still had 15,500,000.

Matthew Reed Eliminated in 11th Place, $573,204

JC Tran’s Knockout of Matthew Reed established the unofficial final table. Here’s how the play went down:

Action folded around to Reed on the button and he moved all in for 5,350,000, Mark Newhouse folded in the small blind and Tran called quickly after checking his cards.

Reed flipped over K 4 and Tran showed Q Q. Reed got some help on the 9 8 4 flop, but it wasn’t enough as the 8 fell on the turn and the 9 hit the river.

With one more elimination, the 2013 WSOP Main Event November Nine will be decided.

Newhouse Doubles on Final Table Bubble

After redrawing to the unofficial final table of 10, Mark Newhouse was by far the shortest stack with less than six big blinds to start. Newhouse folded his first four hands until he ended up in the big blind.

It folded around to Sylvain Loosli on the button and he raised to 800,000. Newhouse three-bet all in for 2,150,000 and Loosli called. Newhouse was ahead with A 6 against Loosli’s Q 4, but one bad runout was all that was standing between Newhouse and a 10th place finish in the 2013 Main Event.

The crowd hushed, the weight of the situation clear to everybody left at the Rio. The dealer burned, then dealt out the flop. There was a 4 in the window, which caused the crowd to scream, but there was also an A and a K behind it, keeping Newhouse ahead. The 9 on the turn left Newhouse dodging just five cards going to the river. It was the 7.

Newhouse doubled up to just under 5 million, while Loosli dropped just below 20 million. Newhouse then three-bet all in over an open from JC Tran and everyone folded, building his stack further to 6.6 million.

Farber Hits the Quarter Century Mark

JC Tran opened to 850,000 under the gun, Jay Farber called and Carlos Mortensen called on the button. The flop came Q T 7, Tran bet 1,525,000 and got two calls. The turn came the 8, Tran bet 3,150,000, Farber called and Mortensen folded. The river was the 6, both players checked and Tran tabled Q J. Farber tabled K Q and crossed the 25 million chip mark.

Carlos Mortensen Eliminated in 10th Place

Carlos Mortensen opened for 800,000 from the cutoff and JC Tran called from the big blind. The flop came T 6 3 and Tran check-called 800,000 from Mortensen. The turn was the 9 and Tran moved all in for effectively Mortensen’s 3.5 million stack and Mortensen called off his stack.

The crowd rose to its feet and the cards were turned on their backs. Tran showed 8 7, giving him a straight and Mortensen tabled A 9. The crowd was cheering for a non-club to come on the river so the November Nine would be set.

The river was the 2 and the crowd went wild with all nine survivors running over to their respective rails to celebrate a final table appearance in November. Mortensen, on the other hand, shook hands with Tran and made the lonely walk off the main stage as the bubble boy of the November Nine. He took home $573,204 for his efforts.

Here are a look at the chip counts for the final table in November:

  1. JC Tran – 38,000,000
  2. Amir Lehavot – 29,700,00
  3. Marc McLaughlin – 26,525,000
  4. Jay Farber – 25,975,000
  5. Ryan Riess – 25,875,000
  6. Sylvain Loosli – 19,600,000
  7. Michiel Brummelhuis – 11,275,000
  8. Mark Newhouse – 7,350,000
  9. David Benefield – 6,375,000


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