Chino Rheem Leads Final Table of $25,000 WPT Championship

Chino Rheem holds a giant lead of the final table of the WPT Championship. (Photo c/o WPT)

Chino Rheem holds a giant lead of the final table of the WPT Championship. (Photo c/o WPT)

Day 4 of the World Poker Tour $25,000 World Championship has come to a close and just eight players remain of the 24 that began the day. Chino Rheem holds a commanding lead after bagging up 4,839,000.

Behind Rheem is Erick Lindgren with 2,518,000, Jonathan Roy (1,987,000) and May Hyman (1,940,000) form the chase pack with almost two million. Rounding out the table are Brandon Steven (1,235,000), David Peters (858,000), Rocco Palumbo (680,000) and Daniel Negreanu (545,000).

Jeffrey Ishbia (15th), Steven Silverman (14th), Byron Kaverman (13th), Emil Olsson (12th), Dan Shak (11th), Sam Goldman (10th) and Amir Babakhani (9th) made the money but did not make it to the end of the day.

Rheem had a big chip stack to play with all day and secured his lead with the final elmination of the day. Hyman opened for 50,000, Rheem raised to 125,000 and Babakhani moved all in for 470,000. Hyman folded, Rheem called with pocket kings and Babakhani turned up pocket sevens. The board ran A 8 3 J 4, Hymen never improved and Rheem crossed the 200 big blind mark.

Sam Goldman bowed out in tenth place to reduce the field to a final table. He open-shoved in middle position, Babakhani called with K Q and Goldman turned up A Q. The board ran 9 5 4 K 4 and Goldman was sent to the payout desk.

Shak was poised for another deep run but he was derailed after doubling up Lindgren. A rivered flush left Shak with five big blinds and he got them all in on the next hand with A 7. Goldman called with K T, paired his king on the flop to win the hand and Shak’s elimination combined the field to one table.

Only the top 15 players earned a cash in the event, meaning nine players went home with empty pockets – Andy Frankenberger, Jake Cody, AP Phahurat, Jason Mercier and Andrew Lichtenberger were among the victims.

Hyon Kim was the bubble boy of the tournament and was eliminated after he opened, Shak shoved and Kim called with pocket tens. Shak held pocket queens, the board ran K 9 5 5 2 and Kim’s elimination guaranteed the rest of the field almost $50,000.

Rheem ran hot all day and helped trim the field closer to the money bubble when he knocked out Cody. Rheem opened for 25,000, Cody moved in for 264,000 and Rheem called with pocket nines. Cody tabled J T and the board gave each player piece when it ran T 9 6 K J. But Rheem’s set ended the Englishman’s day.

Phahurat shoved preflop from the big blind after waking up with pocket jacks and Peters called from the small blind with A 9. The board ran A A 5 2 5 and Peters’ full house sent Phahurat to the rail.

Lichtenberger was the first player eliminated on the day when he shoved with A Q, Rheem called with A 5. Rheem hit a pair of fives and won the hand. Mercier was the next player eliminated when he found pocket aces. Matt Hyman out flopped him for two pair and sent Mercier to the rail.


Day 4 WPT $25,000 World Championship Final Table Chip Counts

  1. Chino Rheem – 4,839,000
  2. Erick Lindgren – 2,518,000
  3. Jonathan Roy – 1,987,000
  4. Matt Hyman – 1,940,000
  5. Brandon Steven – 1,235,000
  6. David Peters – 858,000
  7. Rocco Palumbo – 680,000
  8. Daniel Negreanu – 545,000


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