Colman Still Cruising, But Schemion Continues Incredible POY Run

Ole Schemion continues to prove why he's one of the most dangerous tournament poker players in the world as a third consecutive top-10 POY finish appears to be in the cards. (Photo c/o PokerStars Blog/Neil Stoddart)

Ole Schemion continues to prove why he’s one of the most dangerous tournament poker players in the world as a third consecutive top-10 POY finish appears to be in the cards. (Photo c/o PokerStars Blog/Neil Stoddart)

Dan Colman put himself almost completely out of reach in the 2014 BLUFF Player of the Year race when he made the final table of the ACOP Super High Roller in early November – and that’s unlikely to change with four weeks to go in the year.

What has changed in the last few weeks, however, is the positioning of Ole Schemion – and it only amplifies how ridiculously consistent he’s been over the course of the last three years. While we’ve previously highlighted three-year runs by the likes of Marvin Rettenmaier and Will Failla – as well as the consistency of Vanessa Selbst – Schemion is set to blow them all away.

With his seventh place finish in the Master Classics of Poker Main Event in Amsterdam, Schemion moved up to sixth place and all but guaranteed his third consecutive top-10 finish in the BLUFF Player of the Year race. At just 22 years old, Schemion’s consistently outperformed all but a few of the best tournament players in the world with little sign of slowing down. EPT Prague is still to come, and with his success on that tour it’s possible we haven’t even heard the last of this German powerhouse in 2014.

A deep run in the WPT Montreal Main Event was enough to push Mike McDonald up one spot to 11th, and a deeper run was even more beneficial to reigning WPT Player of the Year Mukul Pahuja. After finishing second in that very same tournament in 2013, Pahuja came back and finished third this time around – a result that puts him 14th in the BLUFF POY race with less than a month to go.

Dylan Wilkerson rounds out the top 20 thanks to his WPT Emperor’s Palace Poker Classic victory in Johannesburg, South Africa.

While Mike Leah’s hopes of catching Colman in the Overall BLUFF POY are slipping by the day, it appears more and more likely that he’ll hold Colman off in the North American POY race as the year draws to a close. Pahuja’s second straight WPT Montreal final table helped him crack the top five in that race.

Anatoly Filatov slipped out of the overall top 20, but for the time being he still holds on to a razor-thin advantage in the BLUFF European POY standings. Andrea Dato and Olivier Busquet are just a single small result behind, however, and with a handful of big events on the slate for December in Prague this race appears to be the most contentious and wide open among the five regions.

Ami Barer started 2014 by winning the Aussie Millions Main Event, but with his pair of ACOP final tables Barer seems poised for another honor – BLUFF Australasian Player of the Year. Barer’s Canadian and current runner-up Scott Davies is American – giving regional local Dean Blatt an opening if he can win a big enough tournament. With those opportunities shrinking by the day Blatt will have to work quickly.

Oscar Alache and Carlos Hey de Lima are in a two-horse race for BLUFF South American Player of the Year, with Alache maintaining his lead as the year winds towards its close. Moustafa Boukri’s lead over Wilkerson, the WPT South Africa champion, is small – but Wilkerson is unlikely to play another event in the region before the end of 2014.

2014 BLUFF Player of the Year Standings (as of December 3)

  1. Dan Colman – 1,447.70 (-)/li>
  2. Mike Leah – 1,145.04 (-)
  3. Dan Smith – 949.35 (-)
  4. Ami Barer – 930.79 (-)
  5. Martin Jacobson – 888.50 (-)
  6. Ole Schemion – 859.61 (+1)
  7. Davidi Kitai – 844.75 (-1)
  8. George Danzer – 797.35 (-)
  9. Jake Schindler – 794.85 (-)
  10. Mustapha Kanit – 790.48 (-)
  11. Mike McDonald – 774.68 (+1)
  12. Joe McKeehen – 768.22 (-1)
  13. Doug Polk – 757.75 (-)
  14. Mukul Pahuja – 752.40 (NR)
  15. Olivier Busquet – 742.52 (-1)
  16. Brandon Shack-Harris – 740.55 (-1)
  17. Joe Kuether – 733.91 (-1)
  18. Dominik Panka – 730.59 (-1)
  19. Simon Deadman – 719.84 (-1)
  20. Dylan Wilkerson – 714.45 (NR)

Dropped from Rankings: Anatoly Filatov (19th), Keven Stammen (20th)

North American POY

  1. Mike Leah – 900.84
  2. Dan Colman – 876.70
  3. Jake Schindler – 758.95
  4. Joe McKeehen – 744.42
  5. Mukul Pahuja – 702.00
European POY

  1. Anatoly Filatov – 618.90
  2. Andrea Dato – 598.21
  3. Olivier Busquet – 594.50
  4. Oliver Price – 513.87
  5. Andrew Chen – 512.75
Australasian POY

  1. Ami Barer – 517.28
  2. Scott Davies – 438.50
  3. Dean Blatt – 413.21
  4. Edison Minh Phuc Nguyen – 384.24
  5. Quan Zhou – 340.65
South American POY

  1. Oscar Alache – 294.80
  2. Carlos Hey de Lima – 261.04
  3. Victor Sbrissa – 178.80
  4. Mario Lopez – 176.00
  5. Richard Dubini – 172.00
African POY

  1. Moustafa Boukri – 165.00
  2. Dylan Wilkerson – 154.00
  3. Olivier Paris – 140.00
  4. Abdessamade El Mzdadi – 128.00
  5. Diogo Miranda – 124.50
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