Damjan Radanov Wins WSOPC New Orleans Main Event, $174,514

Damjan Radanov earned over $174,000 with his win at the WSOPC New Orleans Main Event (photo courtesy of WSOP)

Damjan Radanov earned over $174,000 with his win at the WSOPC New Orleans Main Event (photo courtesy of WSOP)

The World Series of Poker Circuit visited Harrah’s New Orleans for the penultimate stop of the 2014-2015 season, highlighted by the $1,675 Main Event as Damjan Radanov, a 33-year old professional poker player living in Memphis by way of Serbia, defeated David Nicholson heads-up, earning $174,514 and a seat at the WSOP National Championship in July.

The top 63 players divvied up the $831,000 prize pool, easily topping the $500,000 guarantee. Notable players picking up a payday but missing out on the final table: Chris Conrad (11th), Austin Buchanan (24th), Caufman Talley (30th), Loni Harwood (32nd), Larry Wright (42nd), Kyle Cartwright (51st), and John Dolan (53rd).

Ten players returned for the unofficial final table on Monday, here’s how they lined up when action resumed:

Seat 1: Tai Cao – 705,000
Seat 2: Hugo Perez – 2,210,000
Seat 3: Joseph Alensa – 310,000
Seat 4: Damjan Radanov – 1,700,000
Seat 5: David Nicholson – 1,445,000
Seat 6: John Lauve – 900,000
Seat 7: Tony Sanchez – 330,000
Seat 8: John Holley – 415,000
Seat 9: Corey Hochman – 655,000
Seat 10: Jared Ingles – 2,600,000

Play was ten-handed for less than 15 hands as Corey Hochman bubbled the official final table when he moved all in with [Aj] J, called by Damian Radanov, holding Q 6. The board rand out Q 9 3 2 4 to bring the field down to nine. Ten hands later, WSOPC veteran John Holley lost a coinflip with A-Q against Radanov’s pocket nines.

The eliminations continued at a frenzied pace as Joseph Alesna finished eighth, improving on his tenth place finish at February’s WSOPC Main Event in West Palm Beach, Florida. On a board of T 5 3 4, Perez called Alesna’s shove with J J. Alesna was well behind with 7 7. No help came for Alesna on the 3 river as Perez added to his lead.

The next player exiting the final table was Tai Cao in seventh place. The hand started with David Nicholson opening the action and Cao shoved from the small blind. Perez called from the big blind and was well ahead with A A against the A 6 of Cao and didn’t catch up. Three hands later Perez collected the short stack of Anthony Sanchez. Sanchez moved all in with J T as Perez called with K Q and flopped another king.

Fifth place went to John Lauve as he three-bet shoved with A 8 as Damjan Radanov called with pocket queens. The board ran out T 4 2 J 3 as Radanov closed in on the chip lead.

Four-handed play lasted for over 60 hands as each player held the lead during that stretch of hands until Hugo Perez eventually succumbed in fourth. The hand started with Jared Ingles opening as Hugo Perez three-bet from the small blind. Ingles four-bet shoved, Perez shoved and Ingles called with 9 9 as Perez held A J. Five cards later and Ingles eliminated Perez: 7 6 6 Q T.

Once again, a long stretch of hands played out and it took a cooler to get down to the final two players. David Nicholson and Jared Ingles saw a flop of A J T and after a series of bets, Ingles was all in for his tournament life with J T for a flopped two pair. However, Nicholson held K Q for a flopped straight. The final two cards didn’t help Ingles cause – 8 turn and 7 river to give Nicholson a slight chip lead going into heads-up play.

David Nicholson had been in this position before as he was looking for a fifth WSOP Circuit ring with only Damjan Radanov standing in his way. Nicholson lost the lead shortly into heads-up play as Radanov chipped away at his stack. In the final hand of the tournament, Nicholson limped and Radanov shoved with Q J as Nicholson called with A 9, hoping to stay alive. The J 6 5 flop wasn’t kind to Nicholson, unable to retake the lead as the 8 4 gave Radanaov his first WSOPC ring and by far his biggest live tournament result.

The final stop of the WSOP Circuit season takes players back to Connecticut’s Foxwoods Casino, featuring 12 ring events running from May 13 – 24th. The $1,675 Main Event has a $500,000 guaranteed prize pool and takes place from May 22-25.

Along with guaranteed spots for the Main Event winner and Casino Champion, the WSOP National Championship leaderboard for the top points earners during the season brings many WSOPC regulars heading Northeast for a spot in the $1,000,000-added event at Harrah’s Cherokee in July.

WSOP Circuit Harrah’s New Orleans Final Table Results:

  1. Damjan Radanov – $174,514
  2. David Nicholson – $107,939
  3. Jared Ingles – $78,928
  4. Hugo Perez – $58,569
  5. John Lauve – $44,068
  6. Anthony Sanchez – $33,614
  7. Tai Cao – $25,994
  8. Joseph Alesna – $20,376
  9. John Holley – $16,188
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