Dan Kelly Among Final 27 in Millionaire Maker, 2 ‘Contenders’ Deep in $1K

Dan Kelly is among the final 30 players left in the Millionaire Maker. (Jay Newnum photo)

Dan Kelly sits in second place at the dinner break of the Millionaire Maker, with 27 players left. (Jay Newnum photo)

The mothership stage is dark as no final tables are in action on Day 6 of the 2013 WSOP, but there’s no shortage of action at the Rio.

The Millionaire Maker, which was originally scheduled to end Monday, had to extend its schedule by one day due to the massive turnout on Day 1. Meanwhile the $1,000 No Limit Hold’em event that started Sunday is already well below 100 players as well, with a high likelihood of reaching a final table of their own by the end of play Monday.

The pro-heavy 8-Game field is back underway, the $3,000 No Limit Hold’em Shootout is well in progress and the first Limit Hold’em event of the 2013 WSOP just got cards in the air.

$1,500 No Limit Hold’em – The Millionaire Maker

The record-setting 6,343 entries in Event 6 forced the tournament staff to push the final table of the Millionaire Maker to Tuesday as 133 players made it through to Day 3 of the tournament. The eliminations started early and the field continues to shrink at a blistering pace, with just 27 players left in the hunt for nearly $1.2 million and the coveted WSOP bracelet.

Dan Kelly jumped out to a strong start on Day 3 and he has one of the biggest stacks in the field. His 2.34 million puts him in second place as he looks for his second final table of the 2013 WSOP. Ed Robertson has taken a massive chiplead, though, peaking above 5 million before settling at 4.3 million at the dinner break. Joe Kuether, Bart Hanson and Ryan Welch (who talked to BLUFF after Day 1 of this event) are still alive as well.

It was a short Day 3 for a number of notables, as Byron Kaverman (115th), Tyler Patterson (107th), John Monnette (102nd), John Eames (99th), Lizzy Harrison (93rd), Eddy Sabat (74th), Scott Clements (68th) and Jon Aguiar (55th) each fell short of one of the biggest prizes of the summer. Andy Hwang, who entered Day 3 of this tournament with the chiplead, went out before the dinner break in 43rd place, and Russell Crane was eliminated in 32nd.

There will be a full redraw when players return from dinner, as the field was reduced from 28 to 27 with half of the field already gone for dinner. They’re scheduled to play either 10 full levels or to a final table of nine Monday, whichever happens first.

Here are the top 10 chip counts for the top ten stacks in the Millionaire Maker.

  1. Ed Robertson – 4,307,000
  2. Dan Kelly – 2,340,000
  3. Chris Hunichen – 2,160,000
  4. Benny Chen – 1,955,000
  5. Rodger Johnson – 1,610,000
  6. Justin Liberto – 1,510,000
  7. Thomas Laviano – 1,420,000
  8. Sean Rafael – 1,380,000
  9. Tam Truong – 1,195,000
  10. Michael Bennington – 1,060,000

$1,000 No Limit Hold’em

The $1,000 No Limit Hold’em event that started Sunday afternoon is quickly approaching a final table of its own, and two of the players BLUFF is following for “The Contenders” this summer are still in the mix with just 42 players left. Eric Badwin had the overnight chiplead and he’s continued to accumulate more chips throughout Day 2, while Jason Koon has been slowly building a nice stack of his own.

The field was already in the money when play began on Day 2, but the number quickly shrank from 148 and hasn’t slowed since. Adam Levy (136th), Jeff Fielder (121st), Jon Eaton (119th), Keven Stammen (114th), Eric Ladny (111th), CK Hua (106th), Dan Makowsky (78th), Alex Venovski (71st), Jeff Forrest (63rd), Ari Engel (51st) and David Peters (46yh) are just of few of the early level casualties on Day 2.

The final table of this event is one of three scheduled for Tuesday afternoon, and it appears like they will get close or reach the final nine by the time they bag chips at the end of Day 2. Here are the approximate chip counts for the top 10 players remaining in Event 7, $1,000 No Limit Hold’em.

  1. Michael Shelton – 515,000
  2. Eric Baldwin – 390,000
  3. Sean Hegarty – 315,000
  4. Michael Doucette – 295,000
  5. Leonard Crews – 204,000
  6. Cole Jackson – 195,000
  7. Jacob Beck – 175,000
  8. Robert Dreyfuss – 167,000
  9. Dan Harmetz – 162,000
  10. Kevin Ho – 150,000

$2,500 8-Game Mix

Phil Ivey is up to his old antics once again, multi-tabling Day 2 of the 8-Game Mixed Event and the $3,000 No Limit Hold’em Shootout. After going back and forth several times throughout the day Monday, Ivey busted out of the Shootout and turned his focus squarely on the Mixed Event. He’s one of 72 players still in the hunt for this bracelet, from an original field of 388.

Randy Ohel has emerged with the chiplead, currently holding about 107,000 as of this post. Other notables with heaps of chips in front of them include Josh Arieh, Marco Johnson and Kyle Bowker.

There’s a long way to go before they even reach the money, though, with only 40 players walking away with a cash. The final table is scheduled to play out Tuesday, but there will likely be quite a bit of play on Day 3 before they even reach that point.

$3,000 No Limit Hold’em Shootout

The first Shootout of the 2013 WSOP got underway Monday as players put up $3,000 to play a single table tournament to advance to the second round on Tuesday. A total of 477 players got in before the close of registration, including defending champion Craig McCorkell. He won $368,593 by beating out a field of 587 in 2012, but McCorkell’s attempt at going back can best be described by a tweet he sent out about four hours into the tournament – “#norepeat”.

Antonio Esfandiari, Brandon Cantu, Chris Klodnicki, Nick Binger, Victor Ramdin, John Hennigan and Dario Minieri have already advanced from their tables, with more than a dozen tables still in action. Recent EPT Grand Final winner Steve O’Dwyer and reigning WPT Player of the Year Matt Salsberg were at one of the first tables to get heads-up, but their match went on for two hours without a winner. Salsberg eventually coolered O’Dwyer to take the table and cash. World-famous movie critic Richard Roeper is playing heads-up for a chance to advance to Day 2.

The 60 table winners are each guaranteed $7,384, and they’ll advance to Day 2 where they’ll play at 10 six-handed tables. Those 10 winners will advance to the final day of the tournament, which will be played out as any other tournament. The last man (or woman) standing will get just under $300,000 and a WSOP gold bracelet.

$1,500 Limit Hold’em

The 5 pm event features the first Limit Hold’em event of the series, as players try to win a bracelet one bet at a time. David Arsht won this event in 2012, beating out a field of 730 and a final table that featured Al Barbieri and Alex Queen. The clock currently reads 586 registered so far, with players allowed to enter until approximately 9:45 pm PT.

Among the notables already in the mix are Barry Greenstein, Carlos Mortensen, Tom Schneider, Grant Hinkle, Matt Matros, John Monnette, Jeremy Ausmus and Bill Chen.

Carnivale of Poker Begins

The first of 26 events in the Carnivale of Poker Series got underway at 11 am Monday morning with a $365 No Limit Hold’em event. A total of 337 players registered for the first event, with the winner getting over $24,000 and some valuable points. Results will be tracked throughout the summer and the top 10 players will split $100,000 in cash added by the WSOP.

Held mostly on Mondays and Tuesdays, the Carnivale will present players with a third option between the buy-in levels of the Daily Deep Stacks and WSOP bracelet events throughout the summer. Tuesday will feature two Carnivale of poker events, with a $580 No Limit Hold’em tournament at 11 am and a $365 Omaha Hi-Lo event at 5 pm. The $5,000 Open Face Chinese event, one of the highlights of the series, takes place on July 13.

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