Dan Shak Leads Seven-Handed Super High Roller Final Table

Dan Shak took the chip lead on a crazy hand at the end of the night. (Photo by Thomas Keeling)

Dan Shak took the chip lead on a crazy hand at the end of the night. (Photo by Thomas Keeling)

Day 2 of the 2014 PokerStars.net Caribbean Adventure $100,000 Super High Roller returned 40 players, picked up a couple of new entries and after a long day of cards just seven players remain in the field. The seven handed final table was reached after a double elimination on the money bubble.

Leading the final table is Dan Shak after bagging up 3.7 million. Rounding out the final table are Vanessa Selbst, Antonio Esfandiari, Fabian Quoss, Matt Glantz, Anthony Gregg and Ole Schemion.

Some of the best players in the world were unable to survive the day including Daniel Negreanu, Philipp Gruissem, Jason Mercier, Martin Finger, Isaac Haxton, Jason Koon and John Juanda.

The money bubble dragged on for almost three hours at the nine-handed unofficial final table. At points four players all had under ten big blinds and the short stacks doubled up numerous times. Selbst was in control of the unofficial final table until she got involved with a huge hand with Shak.

The hand began with Esfandiari opening in middle position, Selbst called from the small blind and Shak called from the big. The flop came J T 6, Selbst led for 165,000, Shak raised to 400,000 and Esfandiari folded. Selbst called, the turn came 6 and Selbst checked. Shak moved all in for 1.2 million and Selbst called holding A J. Shak tabled T 9 for a flush draw and a pair of tens to Selbst’s two pair. The river fell T, Shak took the pot, and the chip lead, with trip tens and Selbst was beside herself.

The money bubble finally burst when Paul Newey had less than one big blind and put it in, Mike McDonald also had just one big blind and tossed it in after a short tank, Glantz called from the small blind and Quoss raised from the big to isolate the two micro stacks. Glantz tossed his hand away and the hands were tabled. Quoss held A Q, McDonald held KQ and Newey held 9 6. The board ran A 8 3 6 5 and both McDonald and Newey were eliminated. Newey was the bubble boy as he had less than McDonald and McDonald took eighth place to end the night.

Selbst caught fire midway through the day and her momentum started after she eliminated Lawrence Greenberg. Selbst called Greenberg’s shove holding pocket queens and Greenberg needed to hit the board with A 7 to stay alive. He never improved and Selbst chipped to 750,000 after the hand.

By the time the field was trimmed to two tables Selbst surged to 1.6 million after eliminating Juanda. Selbst held [Ax] [Kx] and outran Juanda’s pocket kings. A bit later she busted Gruissem holding A T when the German shoved with pocket sevens. Selbst hit runner-runner for trips and rocketed up to 2.4 million.

Glantz moved up the counts and neared the 3 million chip mark after a hand with Esfandiari. They went to a flop of J 8 7, Esfandiari bet 76,000 and Glantz called. The turn came 6, Esfandiari bet 76,000 and Glantz called again. The river came K, Esfandiari bet a large, unknown amount with a handful of T25,000 chips. Glantz snap-called, Esfandiari announced he had a pair of sevens and Glantz tabled K 7 for two pair and won the pot.

Negreanu was the first casualty of the day when he got involved in hand with Dan Shak. Negreanu moved all in with pocket fives and Shak called holding pocket aces. The board ran 7 2 2 8 3 and Negreanu will start off 2014 $300,000 in the red.

Mercier met his end when shoved on the button and Gruissem called from the small blind. Mercier tabled A 9 and Gruissem needed his pocket fives to hold to end Mercier’s day. The board ran Q T 6 6 4 and Mercier was free to join the high stakes Open Face Chinese poker games running on the opposite side of the tournament room.

The prize pool was set at $5,433,120 and will pay out the final table of eight players. First place will walk away $1,629,940 richer and the runner-up will still earn seven-figures with $1,178,980.

The final table will resume with a delayed start due to very long Day 2. Cards are scheduled to be in the air at 1:30 pm ET.

Super High Roller Final Table Chip Counts

  1. Dan Shak – 3,700,000
  2. Vanessa Selbst – 3,645,000
  3. Antonio Esfandiari – 2,830,000
  4. Fabian Quoss – 2,650,000
  5. Matt Glantz – 480,000
  6. Anthony Gregg – 410,000
  7. Ole Schemion – 280,000

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