Dan Smith Closes Out 2013 with WPT 5 Diamond Win for $1.16 Million


Dan Smith won the WPT Dolye Brunson 5 Diamond Classc. (Photo c/o WPT)

Dan Smith won the WPT Dolye Brunson 5 Diamond Classc. (Photo c/o WPT)

Dan Smith closed out 2013 in style winning the World Poker Tour Doyle Brunson Five Diamond World Poker Classic. He bested a stacked field of 449 entries in Las Vegas and pocketed $1,161,135 for the win.

Smith brought the chip lead in the final table that included Eddy Sabat, Joe Serock, Gary Benson, Barry Hutter and Shaun Suller. The final two tables included Will Failla, Steven Silverman, BLUFF contributor Dan O’Brien, Jean-Robert Bellande and Christian Harder. The tournament paid out the top 45 players from the $4.3 million prize pool.

Serock was the first player eliminated after a few orbits when Smith opened and Serock shoved from the big blind with Q T. Smith called, tabled A J and watched the board fall his way when it came A 6 4 3 7. Smith’s pair of aces eliminated the former WPT Player of the Year from the tournament.

Just a few hands later Smith opened, Sabat flatted from the small blind and Hutter three-bet from the big blind. Smith called, Sabat four-bet to 1 million and Hutter moved the rest of his stack all in. Smith tossed his cards away, Sabat tabled pocket kings and Hutter’s tournament was on the line with A K. The board ran 9 9 7 T J, Sabat’s kings held and Hutter was out in fifth place.

Almost a full three hours would pass before the four-handed table was reduced to three. Suller open-shoved on the button, Sabat snapped him off from the small blind with queens and Suller tabled A 9. The board ran K 4 2 T 7 and Sabat held the chip lead over the three-handed table.

Sabat held the lead for a good while until Smith earned a momentum-swinging double up. Sabat limped from the small blind, Smith raised from the big and Sabat called to see a K 8 2 flop. Sabat check-called 300,000, the turn came T and Sabat check-called a second time for 700,000. The river came 2, Sabat checked, Smith moved all in and Sabat called. Smith turned up J 6 for a flopped flush and Sabat mucked.

A few hands after that Sabat open-shoved, Smith called with K Q and Sabat was ahead holding A 9. The board ran Smith’s way when it came K J 6 3 T and Sabat was out in third place.

Smith took a giant chip lead – 11.9 million to Benson’s 1.7 million – into heads-up play. Just nine hands were needed to determine the champ and the final hand saw Benson move in preflop holding pocket fours. Smith called holding K T and he spiked his pair on the flop. The board ran T 9 5 9 7, Benson was eliminated and Smith earned his seventh career win.

Final Table Payouts

  1. Dan Smith – $1,161,135
  2. Gary Benson – $672,685
  3. Eddy Sabat – $436,160
  4. Shaun Suller – $303,793
  5. Barry Hutter – $219,165
  6. Joe Serock – $175,766


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