Daniel Colman Continues Historic Year With SHRPO Title, $1.4M

Daniel Colman earned his fourth cash of over $1 million in 2014 by winning the SHRPO Main Event. He also has a stranglehold on the 2014 BLUFF POY race. (Photo c/o Seminole Hard Rock Hollywood)

Daniel Colman earned his fourth cash of over $1 million in 2014 by winning the SHRPO Main Event. He also has a stranglehold on the 2014 BLUFF POY race. (Photo c/o Seminole Hard Rock Hollywood)

Daniel Colman is in the midst of a six month stretch that few could match in a lifetime, and with his victory in the 2014 Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open Main Event Wednesday Colman has pushed the bar even higher.

Colman defeated Mike Leah heads-up to win his third title in six months and earn his fourth payday of over $1 million in that stretch – pushing his tournament earnings to over $20 million on the year. This win also gives Colman a commanding lead in the 2014 BLUFF Player of the Year race, with more POY points in just over eight months than either Daniel Negreanu or Marvin Rettenmaier earned in a year to win the last two titles.

After building up a lead of over 3-to-1 heads up, Colman needed to hold one more time. Leah raised to 600,000, Colman three-bet to 1.5 million and Leah four-bet all in. Colman called and tabled A K, which had to fend off Leah and his Q J as the latter attempted to even the score once more. The 4 3 2 flop had nothing good for Leah, and the T turn left him with the same six outs he started with. The K gave Colman a pair on the river, and with that the title was his.

John Dolan was the short stack at the start of the final table, and after picking up a few pots without showdown, one of his all in’s found a caller. After Leah minraised to 240,000 on the button, Dolan three-bet all in for 23 big blinds and Leah looked him with A Q. Dolan went through a full range of emotions as his 9 9 went from the best hand to the worst on the Q T 2 flop – only to pull it out with the 9 on the river. Shawn Cunix got full value and a full double of his own with a turned full house against Colman – one of the few times he’d slip up all day.

Dolan and Martin Hanowski were virtually even when they butted hands in the third all in of this final table, as Hanowski open-shoved 15 big blinds with K Q. The action came to Dolan and he called with J J, which held all the way through the A A 5 7 4 runout to give him another big pot to start the day. Hanowski, the lone European at this final table, was left to settle for sixth place.

Joe Kuether went from short stack to contender as his K K held off Cunix’s Q Q for a double. Kuether quickly took those newfound chips into a battle with Colman, and like so many other of Colman’s opponents over the last six months, it turned ugly. After Kuether limped the button with J 9, Colman raised to 525,000 in the small blind and only Kuether called. Colman led out at the J 5 3 flop and Kuether shoved with top pair, only for Colman to call and show A A. The 5 turn and 6 river were absolute bricks, and Kuether made his way to the rail in fifth.

Colman put himself into the lead, and the chips continued to fly in his direction shortly thereafter. Dolan completed with J 8 in the small blind and Colman checked his option with 6 5, bringing a flop of 9 8 4. Dolan checked his middle pair and Colman checked back his gutshot straight, with the 2 falling on the turn. Dolan checked again, and after picking up a double gutshot straight draw on the turn Colman bet out 700,000, which Dolan called. The river was the 3, completing Colman’s straight, and after Dolan checked a third time Colman put Dolan all in. After more than five minutes in the tank Dolan elected to call, and after getting the bad news he quickly stood up to make his exit in fourth.

Colman had more than half the chips when three-handed play began, but Leah would climb his way back into the lead in short order. Colman was the aggressor on every street of an A 6 5 8 7 board with Q 3 – including an all in bet on the river – and by calling Colman down with A 4 Leah earned himself a big double.

Cunix seemed to be the odd man out, and he’d soon make his stand. Colman raised to 450,000 on the button, Cunix called in the small blind, Leah three-bet to 1.4 million in the big blind and Colman called. With a total stack just shy of 30 big blinds, Cunix four-bet all in, Leah eventually mucked and Colman called with A T. Cunix was behind, but live with K 7 – until the A T 9 flop had him close to dead. The Q turn did give him four outs to a straight, but Cunix’s fate as the third place finisher was sealed when the 8 hit on the river.

Colman rivered a full house with 9 5 and bet it all the way, and with Leah’s call on the river Colman grabbed a lead of 3.5-to-1. It wouldn’t take long for Colman to seal the victory and enjoy the spoils of yet another milestone in an all-time great year – with four months of opportunities still to come.

2014 Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open – Final Table Payouts

  1. Daniel Colman – $1,446,710
  2. Mike Leah – $1,047,638
  3. Shawn Cunix – $748,313
  4. John Dolan – $548,313
  5. Joe Kuether – $424,044
  6. Martin Hanowski – $324,269
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