Daniel Negreanu Aims for Bracelet #7 in Razz Event

Daniel Negreanu held tight to the chip lead on Saturday night as the Razz players finally made some cash. (Drew Amato Photo)

Daniel Negreanu held tight to the chip lead on Saturday night as the Razz players finally made some cash. (Drew Amato Photo)

Saturday brought in large crowds for the 2014 World Series of Poker in the Rio’s convention center as a variety of tournaments packed the crowded rooms. The Senior event returned to play down to it’s final 32 players, while Deuce to Seven announced Todd Bui as the newest bracelet winner; No Limit Hold’em Six-Handed will finish heads-up play between Kitai and Vayo Sunday afternoon.

Two new tournaments began today, including the $1,500 No Limit Hold’em that took place in Brasilia, while the No Limit Hold’em Shootout began at 4 pm in the jam-packed Amazon Room. Meanwhile, the $10,000 Razz finally heated up as the players hit the money late in the evening (or morning) and will play out their final table on Sunday.

Event #17 – $1,000 Seniors No Limit Hold’em Championship

Day 2 of this large tournament returned Saturday at 11 am, and managed to hit the money bubble early in the day. By 10 pm, the field had dropped to right around 50 players that remained to fight it out for the $627, 462 first place prize.

The senior tournament came to a close around 11 pm with just 32 to return tomorrow out of the starting field of 4,425. Only five tables were left to bag up, much less than Friday evening, as the players are set to begin play for Day 3 at 11 am on Sunday. Detienne played the Seniors Championship last year and finished in 12th place for $37,672, and is in good shape to make a similar run this year, walking away from Day 2 with the chip lead. David Vida and Richard Lysinger also cashed in the Senior event last year, while Heimiller is looking to add a bracelet to his collection with a win in this event.

Some of the larger chip stacks at the end of the day included:

  • Kevin Detienne – 988,000
  • David Vida – 725,000
  • Michael Wilson – 714,000
  • Mitchell Lehman – 700,000
  • Doc Barry – 666,000
  • Dan Heimiller – 650,000
  • Dennis Phillips – 613,000
  • James Miller – 520,000
  • Richard Lysinger – 460,000
  • Alan Gillespie – 430,000

Event #19 – $1,500 No Limit Hold’em

The Brasilia Room has finally died down and lost some of its original buzz from early in the afternoon. The No Limit tournament brought in 2,086 total players, and already, only 560 remain. Some players will not see the day through, as they were seen exiting the tournament as the day progressed: Jeff Gross, Phil Ivey, Mike Leah, Matt Salsberg, Joe Serock, Greg Raymer, JC Tran and Vanessa Selbst.

There was still plenty of time and players left in the evening, but by 10 pm, Victor Chapnik was ahead of the crowd with 63,000 chips to his name. David Peters and Larry Jaffee we right on his tail however, and with lots of play left in the day, the chip lead was still anyone’s to overtake.

By the time the bags came out for the evening, some of the big names that were seen sealing their chips up included Loni Harwood, Allen Kessler, Matt Affleck, Darryll Fish, Scott Montgomery, David Peters, and Justin Somerville.  The chip lead headed into Day 2 would belong to Justin Filtz, as the money bubble quickly approached. The day completed with just 233 players left in the field, with the money bubble looming at 216. When the players restart on Sunday at 1 pm, they will quickly hit the bubble and work their way towards the first place cash of $514,027.

Event #15 – $3,000 No Limit Holdem Six-Handed

Phil Hellmuth gave his best effort going after his fourteenth bracelet today, when he returned as one of the remaining fifteen players in the No Limit Hold’em restart at 1 pm Saturday afternoon. By the time 8 pm rolled around, Hellmuth was no longer see in the six-handed tournament, but instead registered and was seated on the opposite side of the Amazon Room in the No Limit Hold’em Shootout.

Davidi Kitai held a commanding chip lead, with 3,350,000 in his stack. Gordon Vayo and Tony Ruberto are nestled in close together with one million chips apiece, in an effort to keep their hopes alive for a shot at the bracelet win. Mark Darner and John Andress remained the short stacks at the table, with little more than life support keeping them in the game.

Two eliminations came quickly after the players returned from dinner break, as both Andress and Darner were eliminated within the first half hour of play. With those eliminations, Kitai’s chip lead continued to grow as he reached 4,695,000 chips, over three times the amount of Ruberto who was in second, and leaving Gordon Vayo extremely short.

At 2 am, the Kitai and Vayo called it quits for the evening, and will resume heads up play Sunday at 1 pm to decide the winner of the event.  As they bagged up their chips for the evening, the players remained about even, each with a little over three million chips; it would be Vayo with a little over 200,000 chips who will return Sunday with a slight advantage. Here is a list of the players who were eliminated and what they cashed for:

  1. TBD
  2. TBD
  3. Tony Ruberto – $200,476
  4. Mark Darner – $132,169
  5. John Andress – $89,734
  6. Zachary Korik – $62,690
  7. Henz Kamutzki – $45,002
  8. Phil Hellmuth – $45,002
  9. William Burford – $33,213

Event #16 – $1,500 Deuce to Seven Triple Draw

Out of the eight players that returned for the 2 pm restart on Saturday afternoon, it was Todd Bui who would take down the table for the win in a little over five hours.

Todd Bui defeated Tom Franklin in Deuce to Seven Triple Draw for $124,510 and his first bracelet. The tournament is the first that Bui has ever won to begin with, but had even more against him during his heads-up against Franklin, who has plenty of experience. Bui’s best friend, JC Tran was present on Saturday to watch the final table and cheer Bui on.

  1. Todd Bui – $124,510
  2. Tom Franklin – $76,943
  3. David Bell – $49,944
  4. Vladimir Shchemelev – $33,388
  5. Aaron Steury – $22,935
  6. David Gee – $16,710
  7. Kevin Iacofano – $11,698
  8. Ismael Bojang – $11,698

Event #18 – $10,000 Razz

Lots of all-stars returned Saturday afternoon for Day 2 of the Razz tournament.  By dinner break, some of those super stars were eliminated and hopped into one of the many other tournaments still registering for the day. The most recent elimination included Brock Parker, and earlier in the day, John Monnette, Doyle Brunson, Justin Bonomo, and David “ODB” Baker were all busted out of the tournament. Daniel Negreanu had sky-rocketed his way to the chip lead of the remaining 28 players, with 294,700 chips, while Germany’s George Danzer and Todd Dakake were closely trailing him.

Mercier was unable to see the benefits of the money or Day 3, as the two-time bracelet winner exited the tournament just a few people too early.

By the final level of the evening, Negreanu was still holding strong to his lead, as the dealers dealt hand-for-hand on the money bubble with just 17 players remaining. The players who survive past the bubble, will receive $18,592 for their efforts and the chance at the $294,792 first place cash. For players like Negreanu and Volpe who are still in the field, their eyes are set on adding a bracelet to their previous achievements.

Jesse Martin would be the bubble boy for this event, finishing in 17th place as he gave his last few chips to Brian Hastings; Shortly after making the money, Scott Clements went all-in against David Bach and would be the next to hit the rails, walking with the first cash of the event as he finished in 16th place. By the end of the evening, only three more players had dropped, leaving 12 players to return on Sunday at 2 pm; Volpe, Hoyt Corkins, and Nick Schulman were all sent to the rails in the final level of the night.

David Bach won a huge pot the last hand of the evening to take a large amount of chips from Dan O’Brien who was the chip leader. That hand put Bach up top with 565,000 chips, with only recent bracelet winner Brandon Shack-Harris close by with 369,000 chips. Negreanu is holding up the fort in third place, after being the chip leader for most of the day. When asked about his play for the day, Negreanu said “I thought I played really good. I was really good at recognizing situations where I was drawing dead. Which is really important’. The last few hands of the night, Negreanu’s table was all laughs and smiles; when asked if he enjoyed his table assignment, he laughed, “I just like to have fun. The whole reason to play these things is to get deep, make the money, and go for it.” And about that seventh bracelet? “My intention is to dress well tomorrow; I’m probably going to do something upscale. Maybe a seer-sucker suit?”

Event #20 – $3,000 No Limit Hold’em Shootout

As the crowded halls began to empty and midnight hit here at the Rio, a crowd began to form around the shootout section of the Amazon Room. At least ten of the remaining tables were playing heads up and several players were tweeting about their heads up matches. Greg Merson, Phil Hellmuth and Ryan Riess were all playing three-handed when they were eliminated late in the evening. Phil Laak showed up in style again on Saturday, wearing his ski goggles and a scarf as he played in the shootout. Unfortunately for Laak, his scarf and goggles were not lucky enough as he failed to defeat his table.

Some of the early players to advance to Day 2 and guarantee themselves the min cash of $7,805 by defeating their entire table included Christophe de Meulder, Stewart Newman (who defeated David “Bakes” Baker), Kory Kilpatrick (who defreated Ashton Griffin), Jake Cody, and Eric Froehlich were among the earliest to bag up their chips and head home victors for the evening.

As the last few tables finished up, Sorel Mizzi, Phil Galfund, Erik Seidel, Faraz Jaka,  Josh Brikis, and Jack Duong all advanced to Day 2 which will return on Sunday afternoon at 1 pm. The 40 players that will return tomorrow will have a fresh table with new faces to defeat in order to remain in the tournament and work their way to the first place prize of $254,891.

Ryan Riess was feeling the heat as his table emptied out; with just himself and two others remaining.

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