Daniel Negreanu’s Stack Dips Early on Day 2 of the WSOP Main Event

Daniel Negreanu rolled up his sleeves and got to work early on Day 2C of the 2015 WSOP Main Event. (Tim Fiorvanti photo)

Daniel Negreanu rolled up his sleeves and got to work early on Day 2C of the 2015 WSOP Main Event. (Tim Fiorvanti photo)

Daniel Negreanu returned to Day 2C of the 2015 World Series of Poker Main Event as the chipleader at his table with 73,825. He was right on the rail in the Brasilia room and drew a crowd four bodies deep.

Negreanu’s Day 1C run saw him focused and active, stepping away from the table twice to knock out some push ups. His energy carried over to his Day 2 and BLUFF was there to catch all his early action.

11:58 am: Negreanu arrived at his table with an ESPN camera crew waiting for him. He posed for photos, signed autographs and joked with his fans on the rail. Phil Ivey‘s table was directly behind him, though he wasn’t there yet, Mel and Pat Humphrey were already at the rail waiting their favorite player. Negreanu greeted them before he took his seat.

12:07 pm: Cards hit the air after BLUFF‘s own Kevin Mathers gave the “Shuffle Up & Deal.” ESPN cameras filmed him mucking his hand and talking to Armen Hejinian, the player to his left. “Your biggest cash was $12,000 at the Foxwoods,” Negreanu told him. “I did my homework.”

Hejinian looked surprised, “Well, $12,000 is a lot for me,” he said.

12:15 pm: Lynn Ruffalo, a 70-something retiree, told Negreanu she brought him a present. Negreanu looked surprised and she gifted him a box of cookies from the Honolulu Cookie Company. He graciously accepted the gift, took a photo with here and she reminded him they met in 2009 at the Mirage.

Negreanu returned to his seat for the next hand and read the hand-written note Ruffalo included the bag. The cookies were poker themed in the four suits.

12:21 pm: Negreanu left his seat, jumped around shadow boxing. “How do you do it?” Ivey asked Negreanu referring to his energy.

“I love it – it’s the World Series, man,” Negreanu replied.

12:26 pm: Negreanu folded the entire first orbit, chatted with Samuel Tsehai, the player to his right, and discovered that they were born at the same hospital.

12:40 pm: The Humphreys chant “Ivey, Ivey, Ivey!” after Ivey won his first pot of the day. Negreanu went over to them and said, “Don’t worry, I’m rooting for him too.” He pointed the sign Mel carries of Ivey’s face and said, “I want one of those signs.”

Negreanu folded every hand during the second orbit as well.

12:43 pm: Negreanu and Carles Escobedo went to a raised flop of K 9 2. They both checked, the turn came 4, Escobedo checked and Negreanu bet 2,000. Escobedo mucked, Negreanu dragged his first pot of the day, showed pocket queens and said, “See, good cards.”

Ivey heard his comment and echoed, “Good cards.”

“It’s the first hand I’ve played and it’s 35 minutes into the day,” Negreanu said.

12:46 pm: Negreanu opened for 1,175 from under the gun and action folded around to Tsehai in the big blind – he called and the flop came A T 8. Tsehai checked, Negreanu bet 1,500 and Teshai mucked.

Negreanu showed A K and said, “See, good cards. I flop an ace and I have to bet.”

12:49 pm: Negreanu limped from the small blind and Hejinian checked from the big. The flop came A K 9, both players checked and the turn came 7. Negreanu bet 700, Hejinian mucked and Negreanu flashed a seven. “700 for a seven,” he said.

1:01 pm: Escobedo opened for 1,100, Negreanu and Tsehai called and the flop came K 5 2. Escobedo bet 1,900, got two calls and the turn came T. Escobedo checked, Tsehai bet 6,000 and took down the pot.

1:06 pm: Kevin Eyster opened from middle position, Negreanu called from the big blind and the flop came Q 6 4. Both players checked, the turn came T and Negreanu bet 1,500. Eyester folded, Negreanu took the pot and did not show his cards for the first time.

1:09 pm: Negreanu left his seat for another round of photos and autographs. A blonde woman gave him a big kiss on the cheek, whispered something very “adult” in nature and Negreanu broke into a huge grin and chuckled.

“I prefer the old-fashioned way,” he said to her on his way back to his seat.

1:21 pm: Stephen Sisko opened for 1,250, Tsehai called and Negreanu called from the big blind. The flop came 9 9 8, Tsehai and Negreanu checked and Sisko bet enough to take down the pot.

1:25 pm: Tsehai busted, leaving an open seat next to Negreanu.

1:32 pm: Negreanu opened for 1,175 and the tabled folded.

1:35 pm: Negreanu left his chair for another round of photos and autographs. The rail got a little aggressive with requests and he went back to his seat for a hand and told them he’d be back.

1:38 pm: Matt Waxman arrived at the table and took the empty seat.

1:46 pm: The blonde asked if he would still be playing at 11:00 when she returned and Negreanu said, “Of course, I’ll be here all day.”

1:47 pm: Negreanu opened for 1,175, Eyster moved all in for a little over 20,000 and Negreanu let his hand go.

2:06 pm: Negreanu was left 66,600 at the end of the level, down from 73,825 that began the day with.

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