Daniel Tzvetkoff Key Witness in Upcoming Black Friday Trial

Six days before the one-year anniversary of poker’s Black Friday, two of the men indicted by the Department of Justice will finally get their day in court. Payment processor Chad Elie and banker John Campos are set to go to trial in New York on April 9th, but thanks to some last-minute evidence courtesy of payment processor and DOJ informant Daniel Tzvetkoff, the two defendants are racing against time to be prepared to step in the courtroom.

The Australian Associated Press reported Wednesday that Tzvetkoff will serve as a key witness in the trial and much of the prosecution’s evidence inthe case comes from Tzetkoff’s personal e-mail correspondence with the defendants. ¬†According to the AAP report, Tzetkoff turned over a staggering 90,000 emails, a number that surprised the defense team. He will also serve as a witness for the prosecution once the trial gets underway next month.

In the article, Elie’s lawyers Barry Berje and Dani James expressed frustration at the evidence, explaining that the defense was given access to the server for Tzetkoff’s payment processor Intabill, but later learned a number of the emails being used as evidence in the case were deleted. ¬†This week the attorneys received all 90,000, but that gives them just over two weeks to sift through all the documents before trial begins.

Tzvetkoff was once in hot water with the DOJ himself. The 29 year-old Australian was arrested in Las Vegas in 2010 and faced numerous and Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) violations. Tzetkoff’s Intabill was a payment processing company that did millions of dollars of poker-related business. Rather than face up to 75 years in jail, Tzvetkoff chose to serve as an informant, helping the DOJ to build its Black Friday case against Full Tilt Poker, PokerStars, and UB Poker.

Elie is a payment processor who worked with the big three poker sites, while Campos is the chairman of SunFirst Bank in Utah, a bank that allegedly processed poker-related payments for the sites. Elie is facing nine charges including bank fraud and violation of UIGEA, while Campos is facing six counts on similar offenses.

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