Danzer Denied Double Bracelet; Campanello Cashes In Stud Event

Bryan Campanello banks his first cash of the summer in the $1,500 Seven Card Stud Event as he shares a table with Robert Mizrachi and Bryn Kenney. (Drew Amato Photo)

Bryan Campanello banks his first cash of the summer in the $1,500 Seven Card Stud Event as he shares a table with Robert Mizrachi and Bryn Kenney. (Drew Amato Photo)

Monday was a busy day at the Rio, with two exciting final tables keeping a steady flow of traffic leading into the Amazon Room during the afternoon. The $1,500 No Limit Hold’em event returned with just 15 players left, and the $10,000 No Limit Hold’em Six Max left just 13 people to come back for Day 3. Two new events began, the $5,000 No Limit Hold’em Eight Max and later in the day the $1,500 No Limit Deuce to Seven event. The remaining events both began Day 2, the $1,000 No Limit Hold’em and the $1,500 Seven Card Stud; the events worked their way into the money during the course of the day and will finish out their levels close to a final table by the end of the night.

An official WSOP gold bracelet ceremony was put on by the tournament director Jack Effel at 2:20 pm; a bracelet, along with a set of monster headphones and a diamond total rewards card was handed out to Leonid “Alex” Bilokur on the Brasilia stage. Russia’s Bilokur modestly accepted his gifts, and wore a his home country’s flag around his shoulder as he posed for pictures with his bracelet while the Russian National Anthem played overhead. Bilokur, a businessman who plays poker as a hobby, outlasted 141 competitors and eventually defeated Jonathan Duhamel heads-up to capture the win and $1,134,930.

$5,000 No Limit Hold’em Eight Max

By 5:30 pm, the earliest starting event of the day had brought in roughly 500 entrants, while registration would remain open for a little while longer until the players returned from their dinner break in a few hours. The event has been slowly bringing in more people, however over three-quarters of the field was present by the first break of the day, as 394 people had registered for the event by the time the bracelet ceremony came to a close at 2:30 pm in the Brasilia Room. Antonio Esfandiari busted the event early in the afternoon, along with Barny Boatman and Tony Dunst.  However, there are lots of famous faces with decent chip stacks still left in the event:

  • Jeff Gross – 37,400
  • Brock Parker – 35,000
  • Dan Shak – 31,000
  • Vanessa Selbst – 30,000
  • Allen Kessler – 21,500
  • Maurice Hawkins – 18,000
  • Jeff Madsen – 17,500
  • Ryan Riess – 16,000
  • Mike McDonald – 15,000
  • Scott Seiver – 15,000

$1,000 No Limit Hold’em

115 players returned out of a field of 1,688 for Day 2 with the lowest buy-in of the NLH events running at the Rio on Monday afternoon. All of the players that came back to the event had hit the money bubble on Sunday evening, and had been guaranteed at least $2,187. By the end of the second level, only 72 players remained, losing roughly 43 players in a mere two hours of play. Some big names remain in the field, with Dan Kelly, Martin Finger, Faraz Jaka and Dutch Boyd still in the mix; it would be Shelby Standley with  the chip lead at the break, with his collection of chips totaling 260,000, just a slight bit more than Sean Jazayeri who was hanging onto 232,000.

Dutch Boyd has been climbing up the ranks steadily throughout the day, and by the time the players reached their first break of the afternoon, Boyd was clinging to 6th place. Boyd described his table and explained his recent run-good: “The two people who I thought were the best at my table are already gone. We had Xuan Liu and David Peters. Both kind of got out on a cooler. David Peters had tens in the big blind, against my aces. Aces held up. Xuan Liu had aces against tens, and her aces did not hold up.”

“There is this one kid at the table, he’s in the one seat. It’s funny because he’s looking around our table and he picks the most decorated poker player left in the field, and he’s like the spot I’m going to pick on. There’s the weak spot right there. He keeps shoving in on the flop and the turn with raggedy hands, and then shows them. Which is just wonderful. I’m really looking forward to playing some more big hands with him”.

$1,500 No Limit Hold’em

Matt Stout lead the 15 players that would compete during Day 3 of this NLHE as they would award a new bracelet winner by the end of the day Monday. Play resumed at 1 pm in the Amazon Room with Stout being the only player to start the day with over one million chips; Aleksandr Gofman was not far behind Stout, as he emptied a bag with 950,000 chips back onto the felt this afternoon. Stout would be in the hunt for his first bracelet, as he had already reached his 30th career final table in this event; he would sit in the middle of the pack when the players dropped down to just eight remaining halfway through the afternoon. The players would be beating the felt for a shot at winning the $418,435 first place cash and one of those coveted WSOP gold bracelets.

Here is a list of the official final table chip counts:

  1. RJ Sullivan – 1,191,000
  2. Robert Schmidt – 1,060,000
  3. Aleksandr Gofman – 1,030,000
  4. Peter Gould – 1,016,000
  5. Matt Stout – 740,000
  6. Brett Shaffer – 628,000
  7. Rajaee Wazwaz – 519,000
  8. Jim Jakobsen – 507,000
  9. Jason Vanstrom – 461,000

$1,500 Seven Card Stud

As the players hit their first break of the evening, 40 of the original 354 players would reappear in their seats, all guaranteed $2,524 after Robin Rightmire bubbled the event. Barry Greenstein and James Nelson were eliminated almost simultaneously, putting the players on edge at the bubble; Rightmire went all-in with his last 300 chips and was unable to escape his fate as the board ran out and Sergey Rybachenko took the last of his remaining chips.

Bryan Campanello would earn his first cash of the summer, and rejoin his table-mates Bryn Kenney and Robert Mizrachi after the break; Daniel Negreanu and Phil Laak were also seen among the remaining players in the Amazon room fighting for the first place cash of $118,785. Aleksandr Denisov held the chip lead with 98,000 chips; just slightly ahead of Frank Athey (92,000) and Brian Hastings (81,000).

As Campanello headed outside on his break, he discussed his table and play for the day: “I lost a big pot a little while ago. I had split aces, we went four ways to fourth, I caught a third ace, one guy caught an open-ender and we got in a lot of money. He made his straight and I did not fill up. Other than that, I’m almost right where I started the day”.

“We have a couple spots at our table for being this deep in a tournament but then there are also some really good players at my table. Robert Mizrachi is at my table and he plays really well. Bryn Kenney just got to my table and he plays really well too. So if I ever try and get out of line, they are going to put me back in my place. This is not my strongest game by any chance. I feel confident and I still have chips; it’s my first cash of the summer. Just finding spots to get value and trying not to lose big bets when I’m behind. Really, that’s the key to limit poker, so I’m trying to do that”.

$10,000 No Limit Hold’em Six Max

With just 13 players that returned for Day 3 of this popular six-handed event, United Kingdom’s Max Silver would return and hold the chip lead throughout the afternoon. When the day began, recent bracelet winner George Danzer still remained in the field, with hopes to become the first double bracelet winner of the summer. Unfortunately for the German, he would be eliminated in 9th place for $49,061. By 5:30, Silver had over a million chips more than his nearest opponent with only seven players left between him and $670,041. This event would be Silver’s 20th career final table as he goes after his first WSOP gold bracelet. Some other players left in the field that may stand in his way include Jeremy Ausmus, JC Tran, Joe Cada, and Erick Lindgren. The event will play down to a champion Monday night, announcing a new bracelet winner.

$1,500 No Limit Deuce to Seven

The last event scheduled to start for the day, the No Limit Deuce to Seven event kicked off at 4 pm, bringing in a variety of characters to the already stacked Amazon Room. John Monnette, Mike Leah, Greg Raymer, David Bach, George Danzer, Robert Mizrachi, Maria Ho, Huck Seed, and Bryan Micon were all among the early players seated for the event. By 6 pm, 116 players had entered the event, hoping to walk away from Day 1 with a promising chip stack and a piece of the promising prize pool.

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