Darlene Lee Leads Historic Day 1B of Borgata Poker Open

Darlene Lee had a rough start to her day but things worked out for her as the Day 1B chip leader. (Photo by Thomas Keeling)

Darlene Lee had a rough start to her day but things worked out for her as the Day 1B chip leader. (Photo by Thomas Keeling)

Darlene Lee began Day 1B of the World Poker Tour Borgata Poker Open without her luggage after her airline lost her bags and was just another face in the crowd. Twelve hours later Lee had her luggage, 254,900 chips and a new pair of Monster headphones for being the Day 1B chip leader.

Day 1B was more than double the size of Day 1A with 826 entrants. The 1,226 total entrants is the fourth largest WPT field in history and third among events at the Borgata. Day 1A had 171 players survive and Day 1B had 434 players bag at the end of the night. The combined field of 605 players return for Day 2 at noon Tuesday.

The field generated a $3.9 million prize pool that will pay out the top 120 finishers. A trip to the final table guarantees $71,621 for ninth place while the winner walks away with $843,744.

Scott Baumstein, Paul Volpe, Justin Zaki, Shaun Deeb, Matt Glantz, Jared Jaffe and Jamie Kerstetter all finished the day with an above average stack. Jeff Madsen, Ebony Kenney, Matt Salsberg, Tristan Wade, David Paredes, John Dolan, Dwyte Pilgrim and David Williams all bagged chips to return for Day 2.

NFL star Richard Seymour, who would like to play Doyle Brunson heads-up, and two-time NBA champ Malik Rose took a shot on the felt and both survived the day alongside Oscar-nominated actor James Woods.

Andy Frankenberger, Jordan Cristos, Daniel Buzgon, Dan Heimiller were a few of the players unable to survive the day.

Lee crossed the 200,000 mark after going to the turn on a K T 6 7 board. Six other players were in the pot, action checked to Lee and she bet. The player in the hijack shoved for around a min-raise, the other players folded and Lee called holding 9 8 for a straight. Her opponent showed K 7 for two pair and had to improve to a full house to stay alive. The river came 5, Lee won the pot and piled a stack north of 200,000.

Dunst, host of the WPT’s “The Raw Deal”, moved all in on the river on a 9 7 3 K 3 board. His opponent called, Dunst turned up K 9 but his opponent had him beat with 4 3 for trips.

Kenney was short-stacked and shoved preflop holding pocket queens late in the night. Her opponent called with pocket jacks, the board ran 9 8 5 K T and she doubled up. Shortly after she notched an elimination after Buzgon moved all in with pocket tens and Kenney called with pocket jacks. The board ran Q 6 3 5 A, Buzgon never improved and Kenney took the pot.

Two partypoker pros, Kerstetter and Baumstein, played an early, three-bet pot. The flop came 8 3 2, Kerstetter checked and Baumstein bet. Kerstetter called, the turn came 2 and she check-called a second time. The river came 6, both players checked and Baumstein tabled A K for ace high. Kerstetter mucked and Baumstein took the pot.

Day 1B Top Ten Chip Counts

  1. Darlene Lee – 254,900
  2. Julio Marrero – 208,300
  3. Mike Linster – 180,800
  4. Jean Max Gaspard – 179,000
  5. John Broderick – 166,500
  6. Keven Stammen – 145,600
  7. Erik Cajelais – 145,000
  8. John Racener – 140,000
  9. Ian O’Hara – 137,000
  10. Daniel Weinman – 126,000

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