David “Doc” Sands Wins WPT $100,000 Super High Roller

David "Doc" Sands wins the $100k Super High Roller for seven figures. (Photo c/o WPT)

David “Doc” Sands wins the $100k Super High Roller for seven figures. (Photo c/o WPT)

Only a select few times year the world’s best poker players get together to play a six-figure buy-in and the World Poker Tour found 17 players players ready to pony up $100,000 – four of them twice. Day 3 saw six players return to play their share of a $2 million plus prizepool, paying the final three players. David “Doc” Sands walked away with his first major title and $1,023,750.

The final table has the distinction of reaching the money bubble during a TV broadcast because of the small field. The final table saw Jim Courtney (1.69 million) and Joseph Cheong (1.64 million) as first in second in chips, Steven Silverman (1.33 million) andSands (1.28 million) were within reach of the leaders and Andrew Robl (169,000) and Daniel Perper (164,000) both limped in with ten big blind stacks.

Jason Mercier, Cary Katz, Erik Seidel and Jean-Noel Thorel were the players that fired two bullets at the event and Seidel finished the highest of them all in eighth place.

Robl was the first player to be eliminated nearly five orbits in when Cheong opened for 48,000, Robl shoved his short stack of 200,000 all in from the button and Courtney called from the small blind. Cheong let his hand go, Robl tabled K Q and Courtney had him beat with pocket kings. The board ran T 9 4 8 6 and Robl was eliminated.

The table would play another four hours before Silverman ran out of steam. Cheong opened in late position, Silverman shoved from the small blind for 685,000 and Perper moved in over the top for just under a million. Cheong folded, Perper was happy to show pocket queens and Silverman held K 5. The board ran J 6 2 6 T and Silverman’s elimination brought the money bubble.

The start of four-handed play saw all the players fairly close in chips with only about 700,000 between first and last in the counts. Sands hit a big hand against Cheong holding A K and outflopped Cheong’s pocket queens. Within no time Sands was over three million with Cheong and Courtney dipping under a million.

Nearly two hours and 50 hands were needed before Courtney was eliminated and walked away with nothing. Perper opened from under the gun, Cheong called from the small blind and Courtney called from the big blind. The flop fell J 8 6, Cheong and Courtney checked from the blinds, Perper bet 160,000, Cheong folded and Courtney called. The turn came 9, Courtney moved all in Perper wasted no time calling, flopping two pair with J 8. Courtney held pocket sevens and was drawing thin to stay alive. The river fell K and Courtney was eliminated.

The next 30 hands saw each player taking their turn to double up and challenge for the win. Perper open-shoved on the button, Sands moved in over the top and Cheong got the message and folded his hand. Perper’s tournament hung on K 7 and Sands held an under pair with pocket fives. The board ran 8 5 4 J 8 and Sands’ full house gave him a decisive chip lead over Cheong – 4.76 million to 1.53 million respectively.

Heads up play was a short affair, lasting only four hands. Sands held 4.76 million to Cheong’s 1.53 million. The championship hand occurred when Cheong open-shoved holding A 3 and Sands called holding A 8. The board ran Q 5 2 A 9 and Sands’ kicker played and earned him the win.


WPT $100,000 Super High Roller Payouts

  1. David “Doc” Sands – $1,023,750
  2. Joseph Cheong – $614,250
  3. Daniel Perper – $409,500
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