David Kluchman Wins WSOPC Foxwoods Main Event, $124,370

David Kluchman claimed the final WSOP Circuit Main Event of the season, earning over $124,000 at Foxwoods. (Photo credit - WSOP).

David Kluchman claimed the final WSOP Circuit Main Event of the season, earning over $124,000 at Foxwoods. (Photo credit – WSOP).

The final World Series of Poker Circuit event of the season concluded Sunday at Connecticut’s Foxwoods Resort, the last chance to earn a seat for July’s WSOP National Championship at Harrah’s Cherokee. The $1,675 Main Event drew a field of 376 entries as the final table chip leader David Kluchman collected the rest of the chips, knocking out the final five players to earn his first WSOPC ring, $124,370 and the National Championship seat.

The top 45 players added a tournament cash to their resume, including Brad St. Vincent (16th – earning the Foxwoods Casino Champion title), Jackduyph Duong (22nd), WSOPC Baltimore winner Chris Csik (25th), 2012 WSOP National Championship winner Ryan Eriquezzo (31st).

Play resumed Sunday with ten remaining players seated in this order:

Seat 1: Yasin Ahmady – 464,000
Seat 2: Greg Himmelbrand – 579,000
Seat 3: Will Failla – 199,000
Seat 4: David Grandieri – 905,000
Seat 5: Seunghywan Lee – 450,000
Seat 6: David Kluchman – 2,324,000
Seat 7: John Lyons – 857,000
Seat 8: Spencer Champlin – 1,286,000
Seat 9: Aaron Smith – 261,000
Seat 10: Michael Thibeau – 279,000

The official final table was set after Greg Himmelbrand eliminated Will Failla in 10th place. Himmelbrand raised and Failla three-bet shoved with A K as Himmelbrand called with a dominated A 9. The board ran out Q 8 8 9 7 giving Himmelbrand the win as Failla’s exited.

Ninth place belonged to Aaron Smith, eliminated by the Seunghywan Lee’s Q Q against the A K of Smith. The board ran out J T 9 6 9 as Smith hit the rail. John Lyons headed to the cashier to pick up his eighth place winnings when his Q-7 ran into Spencer Champlin’s Q-5, making a pair on the turn. Next to depart was David Grandieri as his shove with K J ran into the K K of David Kluchman. Grandieri didn’t improve, leaving six players contending for the title.

David Kluchman added to his lead with two more final table eliminations. On a board of 9 5 4 J Seunghywan Lee moved all in with A J for top-top as Kluchman called with an overpair – K K. The 6 on the river left Lee to leave his seat as five remained. A short-stacked Greg Himmelbrand was next to fall when he shoved with Q 5 as Kluchman held 9 9. The 4 4 2 flop gave Himmelbrand a flush draw, but the 3 turn and 9 gives Kluchman even more chips to add to his stack.

Kluchman continued to plow his way through the final table with the elimination of Spencer Champlin in fourth. Kluchman opened the action as Champlin shoved with A T, but he was behind the A Q of Champlin. The dealer put on the felt A 7 5 2 8 as play continued three-handed. Third place went to Yasin Ahmady as once again Kluchman held the winning hand. On a flop of 5 4 2, Ahmady moved all in and Kluchman snap-called with A 3 for a flopped straight against Ahmady’s 8 8. The 6 gave Ahmady a gutshot straight draw but Kluchman held when the 2 appeared on the river, giving him a dominant chip lead against Michael Thibeau heads-up.

The thrilling conclusion to the WSOPC season ended with Kluchman shoving with 3 3 as Thibeau called in a coinflip situation with A Q. The K J J flop gave Thibeau even more outs to double up, but the 9 turn and 7 river gave Kluchman the checkmark to end the tournament.

The 2015-2016 WSOPC schedule is unknown at this time, but an announcement is expected during the WSOP in Las Vegas. In the meantime, Kluchman and the rest of the WSOPC Main Event winners, Casino Champions and top National Leaderboard performers have the National Championship to look forward to in July.

World Series of Poker Circuit Foxwoods Main Event Final Table Results:

  1. David Kluchman – $124,370
  2. Michael Thibeau – $76,883
  3. Yasin Ahmady – $56,531
  4. Spencer Champlin – $41,777
  5. Greg Himmelbrand – $31,431
  6. Seunghwan Lee – $24,026
  7. David Grandieri – $18,656
  8. John Lyons – $14,698
  9. Aaron Smith – $11,775
  10. Will Failla – $9,497
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