Day 1B of Legends of Poker Main Event Ends with Nick Grippo Leading

Nick Grippo topped the 76 remaining players in Day 1B. (Photo courtesy of WPT)

Nick Grippo topped the 76 remaining players in Day 1B. (Photo courtesy of WPT)

The second Day 1 flight of the World Poker Tour Legends of Poker Main Event saw 178 players take to the felt and after ten levels of action only 76 players remain. Leading them all is Nick Grippo with 272,400.

Three other players crossed the 200,000 chip mark while Jordan Cristos and Alex Condon landed in the top ten counts. Dan Heimiller, Gavin Griffin, Will Failla, Scott Vener and Nam Le also advanced to Day 2 with a decent stack. Chris Moorman, David Chiu, Kathy Liebert, Joe Serock and Allen Le also advanced but with a short stack.

Layne Flack, Joseph Cheong, Tony Dunst, Tom Marchese, Shane Schleger, Jesse Martin, Ali Eslami and Andy Frankenberger were among the players eliminated in Day 1B action.

The 52 survivors from Day 1A makes a total of 132 players moving on to Day 2 and a total field of 334 entrants.

Grippo cemented his chip lead with a hand late in the evening. He went to a flop of K 8 4 and check-called to see the 7 turn. Following a check, Grippo bet, got a call and the river came K. His opponent put out a small bet and Grippo put in a raise larger than the pot. His opponent thought for a bit, called and mucked after Grippo tabled pocket sevens for a full house.

Cristos, the defending Legends champ, took a large pot near the end of play to land in the top ten counts. He got into a preflop raising war with Justin Oliver where Oliver six-bet shoved holding A 5 and Cristos called with A K. The board ran 8 6 4 Q K and Oliver was eliminated after failing to improve.

Three-time Superbowl Champion Richard Seymour played in his first WPT event but was unable to survive the day. Seymour showed some serious interest after railing his friend Kareem Marshall at the WPT500 event at the Aria earlier in the summer that lasted until six in the morning.

A short stacked Dunst was eliminated early in the day when he stuck his chips in the middle holding A J. His opponent called with A Kh] and the flop hit Dunst when it fell J 7 4. Dunst improved on the turn to trips when it came J but the river was the T and his opponent caught a four-flush.

Day 1B Top Ten Chip Counts

  1. Nick Grippo – 272,400
  2. Jeff Loiacono – 240,800
  3. Ryan Rivers – 214,800
  4. Saumel Bekerian – 205,600
  5. Jordan Cristos – 157,900
  6. Michael Kamran – 156,500
  7. Dane Roewer – 136,000
  8. Chris Tolone – 121,100
  9. Alex Condon – 113,500
  10. Behzad Javadzadeh – 109,000
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