Day 2A and 2B Underway, Chris Moneymaker First Big Casualty

Annette Obrestad is making moves early on Day 2B (Jay Newnum photo).

Annette Obrestad is making moves early on Day 2B (Jay Newnum photo).

The 584 players who survived Day 1A on Saturday and the 1,296 players who made it through Day 1B on Sunday are playing their Day 2 at the 2013 WSOP Tuesday, but they’re not playing together. The survivors from each starting day will remain segregated through the five levels of play Tuesday with all three fields combining into a single group on Thursday. Confused yet?

With so many players still in action the players are spread out over the Amazon, Brasilia and Pavilion rooms. Some of the bigger names that returned include former world champions Doyle Brunson, Greg Merson and Joe Cada. Just one day after having a statue unveiled in his honor, Chris Moneymaker also returned to play, but was eliminated before the end of Level 6. One of the early movers was Annette Obrestad who broke through the 100,000 chip mark halfway through the first level.

BLUFF Senior Writer Paul Oresteen will be shadowing Brunson all day while Senior Writer Tim Fiorvanti will be bringing you all of the action from Merson’s run for back-to-back magic.

Let’s get to the action from the first two-hour level of the day, Level 6.

Day 2B: Terrence Chan Begins The Rebuilding Process

The UTG+1 player raised to 1,250, Terrence Chan called from his direct left and Eoghan O’Dea called from Chan’s direct left. The flop came 8 3 2 and the initial raiser checked, Chan bet 3,200, O’Dea folded and the UTG+1 called. The turn was the 3 and again the UTG+1 checked to Chan. The Ultimate Poker employee moved all-in for 14,200. After a few minutes in the tank the UTG+1 player folded. After that hand Chan was up to 25,500. He tweeted about his early success not long after.

Six-Bets Followed By One Exit

Six-bet preflop action ended in a cooler and a Day 2 exit within the first 10 minutes of action in the Pavilion. On the second hand of play, Austrian Nikolaus Kovacs ended up on the right side of variance when he called his opponents shove. He held A A and she held A A, but when they saw two clubs on the flop and two more on the turn and river, Kovacs raked in a roughly 72,000 chip pot, and his opponent was headed home.

Jake Balsiger Gets Back to Around Starting Stack

A middle position player raised to 1,150, the cutoff called and 2012 November Niner Jake Balsiger made it 3,000 from the button. The middle position player four-bet to 4,725. The dealer informed him it needed to be 4,875 and he obliged and the cutoff folded. Balsiger shoved the rest of his stack and the middle position player snap-folded. After the hand Balsiger was at 29,500.

Greg Mueller Dodges Bullets

Greg Mueller raised to 1,200 from under the gun and his opponent two seats over threw out a 1,000 chip unaware that Mueller had already raised. So the opponent called Mueller’s raise. They saw a flop of K K T¬†and Mueller threw out a 1,500 bet. His opponent raised to 8,000. Mueller went into the tank. His opponent said, “Win, lose or draw, next time you come here, I’m buying your team a drink.” Mueller called. The turn brought the 4 and Mueller checked. “I gotta go all in,” his opponent said, pushing out 12,350. Mueller thought again, adjusted himself in his seat. “I have a big pair,” he said. “I can beat the ten, but I can’t beat the king.” He looked at his hole cards again. “I know you have a good hand, but for some reason, I don’t think you have a king.” Mueller asked his opponent if he would show if he folded. He said he would and Mueller mucked his cards. His opponent showed A A, Mueller proudly pulled his J J out of the muck. Another player wanted to see the river and pulled the Q out of the deck. Mueller went on break relieved and still sitting on a stack of 140,000.

Early Eliminations Day 2A

  • Josh Brikis
  • Eric Froehlich
  • Jason Lester
  • Faraz Jaka

Early Eliminations Day 2B

  • Marc-Andre Ladouceur
  • Raymond Davis
  • Amanda Musumeci
  • Matt Salsberg
  • James Dempsey
  • Chris Moneymaker
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