Dealer’s Choice Hits the Money, Heads Up Championship Down to Four

Brian Rast is freerolling the Dealer's Choice event. (Photo by Drew Amato)

Brian Rast is freerolling the Dealer’s Choice event. (Photo by Drew Amato)

Friday at the 2014 World Series of Poker had five events in action across the Brasilia and Amazon Rooms. Only one bracelet was up for grabs – $3,000 No Limit Hold’em – but with 26 players returning for Day 3, there’s a good chance they’ll hit the hard stop before they get to a winner.

The $10,000 Heads Up event returned with the Round of 16 with three rounds of matches scheduled for the day, ultimately returning with the final two players on Saturday. The $1,500 Dealer’s Choice event had 95 players returning for Day 2 with ten levels scheduled for play.

The $5,000 Six Max Pot Limit Omaha event kicked off at noon and the $1,500 Limit Hold’em event had cards in the air at 4 pm.

$5,000 Six Max Pot Limit Omaha

The noon event broke from the norm of a low buy-in No Limit Hold’em event with a $5,000 buy-in and differen game – Six Max Pot Limit Omaha. The event pulled an elite field of 434 players by the midway point and Kory Kilpatrick leads the field.

Phil Galfond was spotted in field and was asked if the event was one of his favorites. “Yes and no,” Galfond replied. “The frustrating thing about the game in a tournament structure is the nature of PLO you’re forced to take 60/40s or flips and so often times I’ll be bounced out of a tournament by a pretty standard hand where there was nothing I could do about it.”

“There’s not too many higher buy-in PLO events this year,” Galfond said. “I wish they would make some of these re-entries or have more PLO events because it’s pretty easy to get bounced out of one. My first table played a lot of pots, but not big ones and my new table seems to want to play big pots – but both tables have been tough”

Top Ten Chip Counts

  1. Kory Kilpatrick – 54,500
  2. Andrey Zaichenko – 52,800
  3. Phil Galfond – 48,500
  4. Davidi Kitai – 45,000
  5. Yevgeniy Timoshenko – 45,000
  6. Sorel Mizzi – 42,000
  7. Robert Panitch – 41,400
  8. Joe Tehan – 40,000
  9. Ted Forrest – 39,000
  10. Rober Williamson III – 37,000

$10,000 Heads Up Championship

The Round of 16 began at 1 pm with poker heavyweights Daniel Negreanu, Erik Seidel, Jason Koon and Max Silver in play. All the returning players were guaranteed a min-cash of $26,584.

Ankush Mandavia, Sam Stein, Scott Baumstein, Daniel Colman, Dee Tiller, Scott Davies, Tommy Chen and Davide Suriano survived the first round of matches to move on to the Round of 8.

The Quarterfinals saw the following match ups:

  • Scott Baumstein vs. Sam Stein
  • Dee Tiller vs. Scott Davies
  • Tommy Chen vs. Daniel Colman
  • Davide Suriano vs Ankush Mandavia

The Semifinals are scheduled for 7:00 pm and the final two players return Saturday at 1 pm to crown a champion. The Semifinal match ups are:

  • Sam Stein vs Scott Davies
  • Daniel Colman vs. Davide Suriano

$3,000 No Limit Hold’em

The final day of play saw 26 players return to action with the goal of playing down to a winner. Whether or not they reach a winner is a debatable, but at the midway point the field was down to ten players for an unofficial final table with Ryan Laplante holding the chip lead.

On a break Schindler as asked about the field size and his planes,”I’m actually implementing limping a lot – I’m not going to delve to deep into why, but I’ve been limping some playable hands,” said Schindler. “It’s hard to have a game plan (with so many players) but I’m going to try and win and look for some spots to be creative.”

Unofficial Final Table Chip Counts

  1. Ryan Laplante – 2,200,000
  2. Ryan Olisar – 1,600,000
  3. Takashi Yagura – 860,000
  4. Jacob Schindler – 845,000
  5. Sean Dempsey – 780,000
  6. Nam Le – 568,000
  7. Layne Flack – 510,000
  8. Clyde Walters – 330,000
  9. Andrew Becker – 170,000
  10. Ryan Jaconetti – 160,000

$1,500 Dealer’s Choice

The inaugural Dealer’s Choice event was by all means a success with 419 players signing up for the 16-game event. Larry Tull returned the chip leader but had Melissa Burr, Jimmy Fricke, Brian Rast and Jennifer Harman right behind him.

At the midpoint of the day the field hit the money bubble set at 42 players. Fricke had just 1,400 on the bubble and was all in with David Levi (900) and were joined by Thayer Rasmussen and Maria Mayrinck. Both Fricke and Levi were eliminated but since Fricker had more chips he earned the payout while Levi was the unfortunate bubble boy.

Perry Green was the only player over six figures but had Brandon Cantu, Mayrinck and Frank Kassela on his heels.

“I really like this tournament, I’ve played all the games except for maybe Pot Limit Five Card Draw High – which no one’s played,” said Rast. “I really like and want them to bring it back. I hope next year they have a $1,500 and a $5K.”

“For the most part I’ve been calling games that were my favorite,” Rast continued. “It seemed like on Day 1 a lot of people were calling Badacey and Badeucey and if they’re calling those games then they probably know the other games.”

“I just stuck with big bet games because I have a secret my table doesn’t know,” Rast said. “I have some pretty massive last longers in this event and I’m freerolling them now. So I’m actually picking Limit O8 and playing tight just hoping to cash. I haven’t told anyone at my table yet obviously.”

Top Ten Chip Counts

  1. Perry Green – 110,000
  2. Larry Tull – 78,000
  3. Bradon Cantu – 78,00
  4. Shane Abbott – 73,000
  5. Maria Mayrinck – 70,000
  6. Kevin Haney – 61,000
  7. Frank Kassela – 60,000
  8. Jennifer Harman – 56,000
  9. Daniel Dipasquale – 55,000
  10. Jeffrey Mervis – 54,000

$1,500 Limit Hold’em

Every year you hear that Limit Hold’em is a dying game but over 500 entrants were at the tables before the first break of the day. The field was mix of old school players like Barry Greenstein, “Miami” John Cernuto and Berry Johnston and new school players like Jonathan Tamayo, Justin Pechie and Ronnie Bardah.

Top Ten Chip Counts

  1. Daniel Negreanu – 9,700
  2. Jeff Shulman – 7,500
  3. Todd Witteles – 7,050
  4. Iori Yogo – 6,950
  5. Justin Pechie – 6,200
  6. Charlie Brahmi – 6,000
  7. Marcel Luske – 6,000
  8. Mike Leah – 5,500
  9. Bob Lauria – 5,100
  10. Harold Lilie – 5,000

Kevmath Recommends…

With only two limit hold’em tournaments a rare sight on the tournament circuit and only available at this year’s WSOP, the experience gives some new to the discipline some perspective.

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