Dylan Hortin Leads Day 1A of the $10 Million Guaranteed Main Event

Dylan Hortin grabbed the chip lead for Day 1A of the Main Event. (Photo by Thomas Keeling)

Dylan Hortin grabbed the chip lead for Day 1A of the Main Event. (Photo by Thomas Keeling)

Day 1A of the $10,000,000 Guaranteed Main Event of the 2014 PokerStars.net Caribbean Adventure kicked off with 295 players taking to the felt. After eight levels of action Dylan Hortin leads the remaining 230 players with 160,500.

Ryan Riess, Joseph Cheong, Max Silver, Calvin Anderson, Jennifer Tilly, BLUFF contributor Alex Fitzgerald, Eugene Katchalov, Scott Clements and JC Alvarodo all bagged up chips and will advance to Day 2 of the event.

Sorel Mizzi, Adam Levy, Igor Kurganov, Phil Laak, Vanessa Rousso, Mickey Petersen, Noah Schwartz, Lex Veldhuis and former NBA All-Star Gilbert Arenas were all eliminated on the day’s action.

In addition to being the chip leader Hortin all but eliminated Arenas from the tournament. Hortin opened with a raise to 600 and Arenas tossed in two chips meaning to make a call – but he tossed in a T1,000 chip and a T100 chip. The raise was binding and Hortin re-raised to 5,000. Allegedly Arenas made a comment to effect of “You’re going to do me like that? I still like my hand,” and moved all in for 27,000. Hortin insta-called with pocket queens and Arenas tabled queen jack. The flop came [Jx] [Tx] [9x] and then bricked on the turn and river and Arenas was crippled and eliminated shortly after.

Anderson was the tournament chip leader late in the day but lost a key hand against Cheong to lose the lead. Cheong opened, Anderson three-bet from the big blind and Cheong called. The flop came J 8 5, Anderson led for 5,725, Cheong called and the turn came 2. Both players checked and the river came 6, Anderson checked, Cheong bet 6,625 and Anderson called. Cheong tabled T 6 for just a pair and Anderson flash big slick as he folded surrendering the pot to Cheong.

PokerStars Team Online player Petersen was eliminated when he shoved holding A K. Shai Zurr called with pocket kings and watched the board run his way with T 9 4 4 T. Petersen was eliminated but will most likely re-enter the event.

Rousso’s downfall began after losing a hand against Marvin Rettenmaier when they went to a Q 9 2 flop. After a couple of checks Rettenmaier bet 2,625 in position, an unknown player folded and Rousso called. The turn came 4, both players checked and the river came 6. They checked again, Rettenmaier tabled pocket tens and Rousso mucked.

Day 1B is expected to draw around 700 players and should make the $10 million guarantee. Cards will be in the air at noon with eight levels scheduled for the day.

Main Event Day 1A Top Ten Chip Counts

  1. Dylan Hortin – 160,500
  2. Victor Levy – 150,100
  3. Sam Greenwood – 132,500
  4. Joseph Cheong – 127,800
  5. Tim Ulmer – 125,000
  6. Shyam Srinivasan – 118,800
  7. Jonathan Driscoll – 115,500
  8. Max Silver – 111,800
  9. Pascal Vos – 110,800
  10. Martin Raus – 104,200

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