A.M. SCRAMBLE: Eastgate Selling Bracelet, WCP Fixes WSOP Ratings, Dwan Continues to Crush

We’re going to go ahead and dedicate today’s A.M. SCRAMBLE to Michael Vick. Why not? The guy basically owned the scramble last night while destroying the Washington Redskins – or what was left of them. Today’s we’re talking Peter Eastgate, Jonathan Duhamel, Tom Dwan and the WSOP Ratings Dilemna.

Peter Eastgate Selling his WSOP Bracelet on eBay

Not that long ago one of T.J. Cloutier’s bracelets ended up for sale on eBay. While it was never confirmed that it was the six-time WSOP bracelet winner selling it, it was largely accepted that Cloutier had fallen on hard times. Now comes word that 2008 WSOP Main Event winner Peter Eastgate has put his only bracelet on the auction site, but let’s quash the “BUSTO OBV” rumors now. He announced prior to the 2010 WSOP that he was done with poker and planned to find something else to do with his life. Selling the bracelet seems to be the next logical step.

The item description is pretty brief, much like Eastgate’s time as a poker ambassador:

“Corum bracelet weighs 168 and is made of 18kt White Gold paved with 291 diamonds and the face, which says “World Series of Poker 2008”, is Hand painted in silver and decorated with black and red card suits.”

The proceeds from the sale will go to the U.S. Fund for UNICEF. There are currently no bids yet and the minimum bid is $16,000 US. You can view the auctiion here. If that’s a little out of your comfort zone in terms of price, we recommend the WSOP Belt Buckle. Starting bid is $19.95. It kinda looks like a bracelet. Just squint. You can buy that one right here.

WickedChopsPoker Takes a Stab at Fixing the WSOP Ratings Problem

The World Series of Poker on ESPN saw declining ratings this year. This lead to discussion that the November Nine concept was flawed or maybe was never going to work. So the Entities at WickedChopsPoker went to work in trying to come up with some interesting ways to fix the problem.

They came up with some good potential solutions and the full article is worth a read. There is one solution we agree with wholeheartedly: Ditch Lon McEachern and Norman Chad. The WSOP on ESPN broadcasts went to great lengths this year to improve the overall quality of the product and speak more to smart poker players and fans alike. So let’s move the Laurel and Hardy knockoff to the sidelines and bring in commentators willing to match that. Now paging Joe Stapleton.

Check out the full article on WickedChopsPoker.com.

WSOP Champ Breaks Down The Hands That Won It For Him

Jonathan Duhamel is all over the Canadian media. On Monday he showed up on TSN (ESPN’s sister station in Canada – think ESPN with less NFL and more hockey) show Off the Record to re-enact the hands that were key for him winning the Main Event. The show’s host, Michael Landsberg, does an okay job pretending to know what he’s talking about.

To watch the show you have to visit the OTR page. Apparently embedding videos isn’t big in Canada.

Tom Dwan Will Be Coming Home from Macau with a Suitecase Full of Money

Yesterday we told you about Phil Ivey and Tom Dwan playing a nosebleed level game with a Chinese businessman or two in Macau. Well, now we’re getting updates from another player who apparently finds himself in the game.

Tom Hall is providing TwoPlusTwo’s NVG forum with semi-regular updates including one that will leave most railbirds drooling with excitement like a fat kid outside a Krispy Kreme when the red light comes on.

“The exciting stuff – Durrrr has been challenged to a heads up session tonight by a local player who is bringing HK$20-30m. A Durrrr Challenge x 5 in size. More info will be posted ahead of tonight!!!”

According to some reports Dwan is currently up nearly $5,000,000 US. Read the full thread here.

UPDATE: It seems that the marketing director for the club where the game is taking place, Stella Yeh, has taken to the TwoPlusTwo thread to add an update or two including a hand that saw Chau Giang take home $20,000,000 HK ($2,579,000 US).

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