EMILIE14 Hits Absolute Poker Bad Beat Jackpot

The only time it’s good to lose in poker is when you’ll take home more money than you would if you won. That’s exactly what happened to Absolute Poker player ‘EMILIE14‘ this week at the online poker room’s bad beat jackpot tables.

At 6:25 p.m. ET on Wednesday, the 28-year-old resident of Orlando, Fla., made a jack-high straight flush while playing at an AP jackpot table. In order to win the jackpot a player must make four eights or better and be beaten, so EMILIE14 needed one opponent to beat a straight flush. Luckily ‘PEACE2UALL‘ hit a royal flush, beating EMILIE14’s hand to win the pot and trigger several hundred thousand dollars worth of bad beat payouts.

For losing the hand, EMILIE14 took home $270,843.03, the largest share of a jackpot worth a total of $807,543.95. PEACE2UALL grabbed $132,904.14 for winning the pot, while the other two players at the table who saw the flop got $2,678.25. The other 57 players who were sitting at bad beat jackpot tables of the same stakes all got $1,678.25 for being in the right place at the right time.

The payouts totaled 65% of the jackpot. The other 35% being held over to seed the new jackpot, which will be built fifty cents at a time on AP’s jackpot tables until another player has quad eights or better beaten.

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