EPT: Cyril Andre Leads Final 23 in Deauville Main Event

Cyril Andre leads the field to Day 5. (Photo c/o of PokerStars Blog)

The trend of shorter and shorter days continued on Day 4 of the European PokerStars Tour Deauville Main Event. After just over three levels of action the field was trimmed from 51 players down to 23. Leading the field is Cyril Andre after he bagged up 2,108,000.

Hot on Andre’s heels are Remi Castaignon (1,997,000) and Hugo Pingray (1,864,000). Also moving on are Yury Gulyy, Pascal Aznar and Noel Gaens.

Those that were unable to survive day include Sam Grafton, Alexander Dovzhenko, Shahaf Hadaya, Jason Koon, Salvatore Bonavena and Ionel Anton. Most of them were eliminated within the first level of action as short stacked players looked to double up or enjoy the rest of their day.

Pocket kings continued to be bad luck hand on Day 4 as overnight chip leader Shahaf Hadaya ran them twice into a better hand. The first time he ran kings into Enrico Rudelitz’s trip queens and then he ran them into Gordon Huntley’s pocket aces.

Grafton was the final elimination of the day when Glen Cymbaluk opened and Grafton moved all in. Cymbaluk called holding A 9 and Grafton tabled K 6. The board ran Q 4 6 A 9 and with the turned ace Grafton was eliminated in 24th place.

Andre picked up some of his tournament leading stack in a hand against Lucien Cohen. The two went to a flop of 9 4 2, Cohen checked, Andre bet just shy of 40,000 and Cohen called. The turn came A and Cohen check-called 100,000. The river came 4, Cohen checked a third time and Andre moved all in. Cohen called with A T but Andre had him beat when he turned up pocket deuces for a flopped set.

Day 5 will see the field play down to a final table of eight players with the championship table slated for Day 6.

EPT Deauville Main Event Day 4 Top Ten Chip Counts

  1. Cyril Andre – 2,108,000
  2. Remi Castaignon – 1,997,000
  3. Hugo Pingray – 1,864,000
  4. Aurelien Guiglini – 1,671,000
  5. Matthieu Herve – 1,194,000
  6. Enrivo Rudelitz – 1,100,000
  7. Glen Cymbaluk – 1,100,000
  8. Gordon Huntly – 1,015,000
  9. Eilert Eilertsen – 1,000,000
  10. James Mitchell – 990,000


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