EPT: David Vamplew Leads the Remaining 128 in London

Kravchenko is in the top ten chip counts headed into Day 3
Kravchenko is in the top ten chip counts headed into Day 3

Day 2 of the PokerStars.com EPT London Main Event was a speedy one, as the 381 Day 1 survivors consolidated under one roof and played down to the 128-person money bubble. Thanks to a rapid rate of eliminations and the emergence of a couple of massive chip stacks, getting to the money took no time at all and the 128 players who survived to Day 3 were able to call it a night rather early.

When the day began, Claudio Cecchi was the chip leader. While he was able to make it through to Day 3, Cecchi didn’t make much progress throughout the day and ended with only slightly more chips than he began with.

Cecchi didn’t make much headway over the course of Day 2, but the now chip leader David Vamplew of Britain sure did. As the day wound down, Vamplew was doing swell with around 500,000 chips. He more than doubled that amount by day’s end thanks to a massive pot against fellow big stack, Paul Kristofferson. Vamplew flopped nines full on a 922 board and got it all-in against Kristofferson, who held A-2. Kristofferson hit the rail just a couple spots away from the money and Vamplew ended the day as the only player over the million-chip mark.

Vamplew’s next closes competition is Christopher Tighe, who ended the day with 912,000. The rest of the field is a ways behind the top two, with several players hovering in the 500,000 to 600,000 chip range. Other notables in the top ten include Steven Levy, Benny Spindler, Team PokerStars Pro Alex Kravchenko, and online poker pro Kenny “Hixx” Hicks.

Phil Ivey also ended the day with a decent stack of 289,500 chips, which was apparently enough for Ivey. He abandoned his stack during hand-for-hand play and made an early exit, rather than stick around waiting for the money bubble to burst.

The honor of bubble boy went to Eoin O’Dea. Others who missed out on the money include Shannon Shorr, Kevin MacPhee, Theo Jorgensen, Will Failla, Matt Affleck, Sam Stein, and Michael Binger.

The list of survivors guaranteed a payday and headed on to Day 3 consists of the likes of Arnaud Mattern, Allen Bari, Jake Cody, John Juanda, Alex Gomes, Tom Marchese, Greg Raymer, Joe Hachem, Eric Baldwin, Christian Harder, JP Kelly Daniel Negreanu, and Allen Kessler.

The plan for Saturday is to play from 128 down to the final 24. Blinds will begin at 2,500/5,000 ante 500.

Here are the top ten stacks headed into Day 3 of play at the PokerStars.com EPT London Main Event:

1. David Vamplew – 1,130,400
2. Christopher Tighe – 912,000
3. Steven Levy – 640,300
4. Benny Spindler – 621,700
5. Tomas Macnamara – 535,800
6. Alex Kravchenko – 527,400
7. John Hall – 513,900
8. Kenny Hicks – 484,600
9. Jamie Brown – 457,900
10. Cherif Zacca – 413,400

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