EPT: Marvin Rettenmaier Wins Prague €10k HR; Retakes BLUFF POY Lead

Marvin Rettenmaier won his third major title of 2012 and all but secured 2012 BLUFF Player of the Year. (Photo c/o Neil Stoddart/PokerStars Blog)

It was a battle that raged on for the better part of a year, but in what was likely his last opportunity of the year, Marvin Rettenmaier snatched the BLUFF Player of the Year award away from Dan Smith in dramatic fashion.

Rettenmaier beat out a field of 113 of the best players in the world to win the €10,000 EPT Prague High Roller. Not only did he manage to put himself over the top in the BLUFF POY race, he also claimed €365,300 to cap off a year that included back-to-back WPT titles and more.

Rettenmaier had POY locked up with a second place finish but finished it anyway, defeating countryman Fabian Quoss heads-up. Quoss started heads-up play with the lead and battled back-and-forth for some time without many showdowns. Rettenmaier eventually went on a run, took the lead and then extended it to almost four-to-one. On the final hand of the tournament Quoss opened to 160,000 and Rettenmaier three-bet him all-in. Quoss called for 1.25 million and the cards were turned up, his K T against Rettenmaier’s A 2. When the board ran out A K 3 4 4 Rettenmaier’s pair of aces was good enough to give him the pot and the tournament.

The second day of this tournament started with nine players left and Aubin Cazals as the shortest stack. He couldn’t recover from that handicap as his A 7 fell to Juha Helppi’s A Q to send him out in ninth. Rettenmaier would then make his move towards the top picking up pocket kings and catching Sorel Mizzi who four-bet all-in with A T, giving Rettenmaier a massive double up when they held.

The eliminations started moving quickly at this point. Andrey Gulyy ran A J into Helppi’s pocket kings to bust in 8th, and Helppi notched is third consecutive knockout by picking up A K against Jason Mercier’s K Q and holding to send Mercier out in 7th. Rettenmaier picked off Marcin Wydrowski by flopping trip kings with K Q to produce the third elimination in five minutes and reduce the field to five.

Sorel Mizzi jumped up quite a few spots with very little effort, but he too would be all-in soon thereafter. He flopped a flush draw with A 9 on a J J 4, but Quoss had K J to put Mizzi in big trouble and he could not catch up, finishing in fifth. After a relatively quiet time at the final table, Phillipe Ktorza got it in with A 7 and ran right into Rettenmaier’s A K to bust in fourth.

After doing most of the damage early at the final table, Helppi was crippled in a pot against Quoss. On a board of A Q 3 7 Helppi shipped it in with A J, but the turn had been unkind, giving Quoss two pair and an easy call with A 7. The river was a blank and Helppi was left with almost nothing. He got the last of his chips in good with A J against Rettenmaier’s J T but with five clubs on the board Rettenmaier would make the flush to bring it down to heads-up.

After an extended heads-up match, Rettenmaier claimed the title, and presumptively the 2012 BLUFF POY award, with Smith, who was playing in a €5,000 side event in attendance. Here’s what he and the other nine players in the €10,000 EPT Prague High Roller.

  1. Marvin Rettenmaier – €365,300
  2. Fabian Quoss – €210,300
  3. Juha Helppi – €121,800
  4. Philippe Ktorza – €96,900
  5. Sorel Mizzi – €74,800
  6. Marcin Wydrowski – €55,500
  7. Jason Mercier – €44,200
  8. Andrey Gulyy – €33,200
  9. Aubin Cazals – €27,700
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