EPT: Remi Castaignon Wins Deauville Main Event

Remi Castaignon the EPT Deauville Main Event Champ. (Photo c/o PokerStars Blog)

The European PokerStars Tour Deauville Main Event has wrapped up after six long days of action. The final table took a little over five levels to finish and Remi Castaignon was the last man standing and took home the €770,000 first place prize.

Castaignon brought a giant chip lead to the final table, about 42% of the chips in play, and had one scare on his way to win the championship.

The second hand of the final table was also the first elimination of the final table. Joseph El Khoury opened to 190,000, Jeffrey Hakim moved his short stack all in and then Enrico Rudelitz moved in over the top for 2.6 million. El Khoury let his hand go and the cards were tabled. Hakim held A K and was in bad shape against Rudelitz’s pocket aces. The board ran J 8 6 J K and Hakim was eliminated.

The next elimination came one level later when Noel Gaens opened for 300,000 from under the gun. Walid Bou Habib was in the big blind and put Gaens all in. Gaens called with pocket tens and had to improve to beat Bou Habib’s pocket aces. The board ran 8 2 6 Q Q and Gaens was eliminated.

About 30 minutes later Rudelitz opened from early position and El Khoury called from the big blind. The flop came K 6 8 and both players checked. The turn came 7, El Khoury checked, Rudelitz bet 250,00 and El Khoury moved all in. Rudelitz called with pocket queens and El Khoury tabled A 7. The river came 3 and El Khoury was eliminated.

Just a few minutes later Castaignon opened from under the gun and Franck Kalfon called on the button. The flop fell Q T 3, Castaignon c-bet for 275,000 and Kalfon moved all in. Castaignon snap-called with pocket aces and Kalfon needed help after turning up K Q. The turn fell K giving Kalfon two pair and the lead in the hand. But the T on the river gave Castaignon aces up and Kalfon was eliminated in fifth place.

Almost two levels would pass before the next elimination would occur. Castaignon opened on the button for 250,000 and Rudelitz moved all in for 3.25 million. Castaignon quickly called, tabled pocket jacks and Rudelitz turned up A 9. The board ran 3 Q K 4 5 and Rudelitz was out in fourth place.

Three-handed play lasted for around 45 minutes and ended when Castaignon opened to 250,000 on the button, Robert Romeo  raised to 550,000 from the small blind, Castaignon four-bet and Romeo moved all in. Castaignon snap-called with pocket aces and Romeo held A K. The board ran 5 T 4 3 T and Romeo was eliminated.

An passed of heads up play where Castaignon steadily built a lead of Bou Habib. The final hand started with Bou Habib opening to 325,000 and Castaignon re-raised to 1,025,000. Bou Habib tanked for a couple moments and then moved all in. Castaignon asked for a count and then called. Habib tabled K 8 and Castaignon held pocket threes. The board ran 6 4 5 T A and Castaignon clinched the tournament.

EPT Deauville Main Event Final Table Payouts

  1. Remi Castaignon – €770,000
  2. Walid Bou Habib – €475,000
  3. Robert Romeo – €275,000
  4. Enrico Rudelitz – €215,000
  5. Franck Kalfon – €165,000
  6. Joseph El Khoury – €125,000
  7. Noel Gaens – €87,800
  8. Jeffery Hakim – €60,000
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