EPT: Talal Shakerchi Leads Loaded High Roller Final Table

Can anyone stop Paul Volpe?

Day 2 of the European Poker Tour London £10,000 High Roller Event came to a close with after ten levels of play. The original schedule had the event slated for two days of action but the 137 entries proved to be too many for just two days. After ten levels of action Talal Shakerchi holds the chip lead with 1,706,000 over a Day 3 field that will return nine players.

Gautam Sabharwal sits in second place as the only person with a seven-figure chip count with 1,113,000. The final table returns loaded with top pros including Faraz Jaka, Fabian Quoss, JC Alvarado, current 2013 BLUFF PLayer of the Year points leader Paul Volpe, PokerStars Team Pro Vicky Coren and PCA Main Event champ Dimitar Danchev.

It wasn’t a great day for PokerStars sponsored pros with Jason Mercier, Daniel Negreanu, Ville Wahlbeck, Bertrand “ElkY’ Grospellier, Eugene Katchalov and Isaac Haxton all hitting the rail. Also eliminated in the day’s action were Viktor Blom, Paul Berende, Marc-Andre Ladouceur, Bryn Kenney, Griffin Benger, Kevin MacPhee and Dan O’Brien.

The event paid out the top 14 finishers and those that collected a payout before the night ended were Scott Seiver in 14th place, Anaras Alekberovas in 13th, Barry Greenstein in 11th, Johan van Til in 10th.

Shakerchi gained his sizable chip lead on the last hand of the night when he eliminated van Til. They got their stacks in the middle preflop with van Til holding A K and Shakerchi had A Q. The board ran J 7 5 Q 4 and his elimination signaled the end of play for the evening.

Volpe began the day as the chip leader with 239,000 and was near the top of the counts for the early stages of the day. He lost a sizable pot to Davidi Kitai on a board of J 3 3 K A. Volpe bet just under 20,000 on the river, Kitai called holding A K and Volpe only held a pair of aces. He bagged up 448,000 at the end of play.

Normally in high buy-in events the simple rules, both written and unspoken, about showing cards aren’t an issue. But there were two situations that revolved around the issue. The first occurred between Faraz Jaka and Eric Sfez. Jaka was facing a bet on the river and asked Sfez if he would show one card if he would fold. Sfez agreed to show one, then Jaka called with top pair and Sfez mucked his hand. Jaka noted that he promised he would show.

The next hand Sfez opened and Jaka three-bet from the small blind saying, “That’s what you get for lying.” Sfez called, the flop fell A 4 2, Jaka bet 12,000, Sfez called and the turn came Q. Jaka tank-checked, Sfez bet 26,200 and Jaka snap-called. The river came 2, Jaka checked and Sfez tanked for quite some time before checking behind. Jaka refused to show his cards until Sfez either mucked his hand or showed his cards. Sfez showed ten-high and Jaka tabled pocket aces to take the pot.

The next situation occurred between Nicolas Levi and Ognjen Sekularac after they had built a sizable pot. The board showed 8 J T 6 6, Sekularac checked and Levi checked behind him and turned up A J. Sekularac was going to muck his hand but Levi asked the dealer, “I can see his cards? PokerStars showdown rules say that I can. Sekularac didn’t oblige and a floor person was called and agreed with Levi. Sekularac mucked his cards anyways, but they were clearly identifiable and the dealer flipped them over to return K 9. “It’s a stupid rule and I want it changed,” Levi said.

The re-entry event allowed for re-entries up until the start of play. Some of those that took advantage were Daniel Negreanu, Barry Greenstein, Jaka and Griffin Benger.

PokerStars Team Pros Negreanu and Mercier did not have very long days. Mercier busted a few minutes before Negreanu when he ran pocket kings into Dimitar Danchev’s pocket aces. Mercier need to catch a king on the river but it fell a jack and was out. Negreanu lost a good portion of his stack to Viktor Blom and then shoved holding [Ax] [Tx] and was eliminated when his opponent called with pocket eights and they held.

Day 3 will conclude with the winner taking home £436,330 and the final nine players will resume play at noon local time.

EPT London High Roller Final Table Chip Counts

  1. Talal Shakerchi – 1,706,000
  2. Gautam Sabharwal – 1,113,000
  3. Faraz Jaka – 957,000
  4. Fabian Quoss – 804,000
  5. JC Alvarado – 750,000
  6. Eric Sfez – 565,000
  7. Paul Volpe – 448,000
  8. Vicky Coren – 262,000
  9. Dimitar Danchev – 246,000
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